How to Find Out Where Someone Lives (2022)

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Things happen, and you wonder who lives at a particular address or stress. Most times, you only have a phone number to carry out a free address lookup.

Carrying out this search could be because there is someone you have tried contacting, you want detailed data about the person living there, etc.

Instead of wondering who lives there, you can use a fast people search address like True People Search Fast to carry out your search. The process of finding out this information may be tasking if you are not using an excellent fast people search directory for this inquiry.

So, if you are looking for a people search site, and all you have is a phone number, this article will guide you on how to search and find out who lives at this address you are looking up.

1 True People Search Fast

This tool is the first free reverse address lookup that comes highly recommended to anyone who wants to find out more about an address and the person living there. You can conduct in-depth research because they have an array of tools, features, and services you can use.

When you type in their website on any search engine, you get taken to their home page, and with your address, you can carry out who lives at a particular address. It is a tool to find out who lives at this address free search. It is also relatively easy to navigate.

Currently, it is one of the leading home address finder. You can use the first name and last name on the search box. You can as well check other pages and use the person’s phone number, email address, or home address to learn a lot about a person.

Their database is regularly updated, so it is difficult not to find the information you are looking for. Also, you don’t need to be knowledgeable in tech to get the information you need here.

2 Ask the person

The old-fashioned way of finding out where a person lives and how you can still do it is to ask the person. It saves you the stress of doing a street address lookup or wondering who lives on my street when you can find it out from this person.

The person you ask may be willing to give you their address if they want you to know where they reside. For people who don’t want you to show up or turn up at their house uninvited, they may not. But, it is often better to ask the person directly.

3 BeenVerified

Another way you can look up street addresses or find out where a person lives in 2022 is to use BeenVerified. It is a trusted tool for finding out who lives at a particular address.

When you go to their website, you can enter a name, address, or phone number to find out more about a person and their address.

Many people have used this to conduct a background check on a person. But, the reason you are finding out where a person lives shouldn’t be for the wrong reasons. Please don’t do it because you want to show up unannotated or because you have the intention of stalking the person.

4 Truth Finder

Your best option is to utilize a specialized reverse address lookup tool like Truth Finder if all you have is the person’s name, email address, phone number, or social network username. It is one of the best address lookup services.

Truth Finder is unquestionably the best people search tool available in terms of value for money. It searches through millions of thorough public records from the internet to discover people’s backgrounds, criminal histories, and social media and online dating profiles.

Input the name of the person you’re looking for, and Truth Finder will search through billions of records across various public records databases before giving you a report about them.

5 Google

Google remains one of the most powerful search engines currently used by millions of users. You can find out where someone lives by using this search engine.

It is a free address lookup service provided you have adequate information about the person, though sometimes finding the correct answer can be tricky.

With information like the name, previous or current workplace, Alma mater or current school, age, and other information, you may luckily find their address.

Some people have profiles or social media accounts that can pop up with their address included when you use Google for a free reverse address lookup.

Sometimes it is impossible to find the address of the person you are looking for. But, Bing and other search engines make it possible to track it because they display the person’s social media profiles, where you can contact the person directly or find out through the information they had filled in.

6 Social media

People can make most of their information public with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

They upload pictures, fill in details about their lives, and publicize their relationship status and family members. This means it is possible to search and find out who lives on my street or knows a person’s address.

With the person’s name and workplace, you can use a platform like LinkedIn to find their address or contact them to know where they currently reside.

On Facebook, you can go through the details they have made public or message them to let them know you want to know where they live.

The power of social media as an address lookup free service is enormous. It not only helps you find out addresses but to connect or reconnect depending on if you want to maintain a connection or if you had previously lost contact.

Final thoughts

Just having their phone number to reach out to some people is not enough. There may be a need to know the person more, and most times, it is to visit them physically, which makes it essential to find out where they live.

Truth People Search Fast is a free reverse address lookup that you can easily use to find out where your friend or acquaintance is staying.

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