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How to Create YouTube Videos From Scratch

How to Create YouTube Videos From Scratch

Whether you are looking to create a tutorial, review, or explainer video, you can learn how to make a YouTube video from scratch. Here are some of the best tips to get you started:

Creating a video

Before creating a YouTube video, you should outline the topics you want to cover. You should make the script as meaningful and relevant as possible to the topic you are talking about. You should also cut out unnecessary words and make sure that the content is coherent and well-structured. Besides, keep in mind that the length of your video depends on its purpose. As far as length is concerned, it is best to keep it between one and four minutes, as long as it provides quality content.

After the title of your video, you should add music and sound effects. Next, you should find a thumbnail frame that matches your video. You can also add subtitles, which can help viewers who have trouble hearing. Several viewers watch videos with the sound turned off. Though YouTube offers built-in closed captions, they can be inaccurate and lacking in punctuation. Thus, it is important to make your subtitles clear.

Adding music

Before you can add music to YouTube videos, you must sign in to the site. To sign in, click the sign-in option at the top right corner of the page. Log in with your Google or Gmail account, whichever you prefer. Once signed in, you should see a profile picture and a link for the Creator Studio option. Click this option to add music to your video. Follow the steps to add music to your video to make it look professional and more appealing.

Firstly, you should select a file that you wish to use for the video. You can either choose to download it from the internet or upload a file from your computer. You can also trim the file as needed. Remember to mute the original video first before adding the audio. This will ensure that your video is not drowned out by the music. After importing the audio file, you can edit its title and description, and publish it.

Writing a good description

If you want to rank high on YouTube, writing a good description is an important element of a video’s marketing strategy. Although it’s only two hundred characters long, it’s still important to write in such a way that your audience will be intrigued and interested in reading the rest of the description. Here are some tips for making your description stand out from the competition. Use the first 200 characters of your description to draw the viewer’s attention, and make it informative.

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Include links related to content. You can mention relevant products, services, or even people who helped you produce the content. Mentioning these people increases your video’s reach and impressions. Moreover, make sure to include your video’s timestamp, which allows viewers to skip to the beginning of the video without watching the whole thing. Finally, don’t forget to include the URL of your video.

Adding tags

When adding tags to YouTube videos, you can choose from specific and general types. Specific tags are more keyword-oriented and highlight a specific video. You can use suggested keywords or choose your own long-tail keyword variations. YouTube will automatically suggest keywords based on the content of your videos, but you can also choose to use broader terms. Adding tags to YouTube videos is important for SEO purposes, but you can still use them for SEO purposes if you want to improve their visibility and conversions.

YouTube’s algorithm uses tags to determine how relevant your videos are. It does not disclose its algorithm. However, Google has made public its whitepaper on YouTube recommendations. Google’s algorithm focuses on relevance. The more relevant your video is, the more likely it will appear in search results. In short, tags help boost your video’s SEO. And remember, tags are not only beneficial for the viewers, they also help you get more views.

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