Home Education How to complete the syllabus for competitive exams timely: tips for students

How to complete the syllabus for competitive exams timely: tips for students

How to complete the syllabus for competitive exams timely: tips for students

Every year thousands of students appear for competitive exams. The main purpose to appear for the competitive exams is to pursue the desired higher learning courses or to get recruited for the best government job positions. To do so, effective exam preparation is very important. Every competitive exam has a set syllabus. 

 To attempt the exams properly, and ensure high scores, students have to study the whole exam syllabus thoroughly. But the exam syllabus is quite detailed, vast, and challenging for students. However, the right learning strategies will help you to overcome this challenge. Let us discuss some effective tips that students can follow to complete the competitive exam syllabus on time and utilize the remaining time for effective revision and practice sessions. 

Tips for students to complete the competitive exam syllabus on time 

  1. Make a proper timetable and stick to it 

To complete the exam syllabus on time, the most important thing is to make a timetable. See what all needs to be prepared, set everyday targets, and form a timetable. Make sure that you include study time for every academic subject daily. After this, students must follow the learning timetable created. With a routine, students manage their time well and become more productive too. 

  1. Use technology to learn 

The syllabus of competitive exams is quite detailed and vast. Many subjects such as mathematics, reasoning, quantitative analysis, and general knowledge. Understanding all the theoretical and applicative portions from the textbooks becomes difficult as well as time-consuming for the students. 

To overcome this problem, using technology helps. By using an online education app, students can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, graphs, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. This will surely help students to finish the exam syllabus in the decided time. 

  1. Avoid procrastination

Many students have an unhealthy habit of delaying and procrastinating their studies. Laziness, lack of accountability, excessive social media time, and too many leisure activities make students delay and procrastinate everyday learning tasks. If you aim to score well in competitive exams, you must take the necessary steps to finish the whole exam as soon as possible. To do so, quitting procrastination is very important. Realize the importance of everyday studies, practice time management, and stay active. Stick to your learning schedule and give your best. 

  1. Take coaching or join a crash course 

Dealing with the huge exam syllabus alone becomes difficult for students. If the same happens with you, taking additional help is advisable. Today several coaching centers are running that help students in competitive exam preparation. You can join a suitable and effective one for yourself. 

 In a coaching classroom, the instructor teaches you every day and follows a proper plan of action to wind the exam syllabus promptly. They also conduct mock tests and revision tests for students. If you can’t manage to join a coaching course for a longer time duration, one can go for a crash course. It is a short duration course that follows an effective plan of action to finish the exam syllabus on time. 

  1. Take care of your health 

To complete the exam syllabus on time, effective studies are important. And to do so, having an active mind and body is very important. Students with poor physical and mental health are not able to give their hundred percent to their studies. To overcome this problem, one must take care of their health. 

  • Proper sleep: all students must ensure to take a deep sleep of six to eight hours every night. Go to bed on time to wake up early and become more productive. 
  • Healthy eating: students should ensure the intake of a highly nutritious diet. Avoid junking, and munching unhealthy snacks. Switch to protein, vitamin, and fiber,-rich food. Also, stay hydrated always. 
  • Exercise: for physical and mental fitness, students should manage to do a quick workout session every day. Also, don’t forget to start your day with meditation. It enhances brain functioning and helps to stay calm, relaxed, and more concentrated on studies. 


To crack the competitive exams with high scores and ranks, completing the exam syllabus properly is very important. By following the above-mentioned tips, students can become more productive, and have activities to complete the exam syllabus on time. Once done with the syllabus, you can utilize the remaining time for sample paper practice, and effective revisions. 

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