How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Company

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Are you on the move and looking for a professional company to ship your car?

First things first, you’ve made the right decision to hire a car shipping company. Instead of driving the car yourself or hiring someone to drive it all the way, a shipping company offers unmatched convenience, reliability, and safety.

However, car shippers aren’t created equal. Some offer great services while others will leave you frustrated. This is why you must take your time to find the best shipping company in your area.

To learn how to find a car shipping service that’s worth your money, keep reading!

Create a List of 3-5 Car Shipping Companies

There are hundreds of auto shipping companies to choose from, yet you probably don’t have enough time to research all of them. Start by creating a list of up to five companies. From the list, you’ll zero in on the best company.

So, how do you decide which company to put on your list?

If you know someone who’s used a car shipping service before, you can ask them about their experience with the company. If they recommend it, put it on the list.

Doing online research is another ideal way of finding shipping companies to add to your list. A simple “best car shipping company near me” search on Google will lead you to a page with links to some of the top-rated providers in your region.

Carrier Options Offered

You’ve certainly seen cars being transported on an open carrier. Although this is the most common carrier method, most companies offered closed carriers. A closed carrier protects your car from the elements and burglary.

Although you’re free to choose a carrier option that pleases you, it’s advisable to choose a closed carrier if you’re transporting a luxury, classic, antique, or custom vehicle. Therefore, it’s important to ask the companies on your list about the carrier options they offer.

If a company offers both (or more) options, it should explain to you the differences. For example, some companies have longer shipping timeframes for enclosed transport as compared to open transport.

Cost of Car Shipping

You want your car to arrive in your new location in one piece, but you also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the service. Yet, that’s exactly what some companies will charge you.

To avoid that, get shipping quotes from the companies on your list. Expect to pay more if you want enclosed car transport. Some companies also offer expedited shipping at an extra cost.

Ask if the company is offering any shipping discounts to, for instance, students, military personnel, and senior. Check these car shipping discounts, for instance.

Find the Best Car Shipping Company Easily

You shouldn’t be stressed about how to relocate with your car when you can let a shipping company do the job. However, be sure to hire the best car shipping company. With these tips, that shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do.

All the best on your move and keep tabs on our blog for more moving tips and insights.

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