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There are some common problems in terms of roof waterproofing failures in reinforced concrete structures. They are the appearance of cracks, openings and fissures that allow water percolation.

In general, roof insulation that present this type of seepage failure require waterproofing specialist  it also needs special attention and replacement of the asphalt blanket.

A modern technique that promises the roof leakage waterproofing is chemical injection to seal the openings. This process is injection roof leakage treatment.

In these cases, we apply a polyurethane solution to the infiltration sites. It closes the openings and stops the infiltration through those points.

It is necessary, however, to understand in greater depth to avoid warehouse waterproofing problems in the future.

What is chemical injection roof waterproofing?

Roof waterproofing in Pakistan, as we already know, is a fundamental and indispensable step during the construction phase. It provides the structural elements of reinforced concrete with protection against the attack of moisture and water infiltration.

Exposed slabs such as roofs, marquees, playgrounds, balconies, garages, mezzanines and the like need roof waterproofing services DHA.

The conventional methodology throughout the country is waterproofing with asphalt blanket offered by We apply the blanket directly to the substrate free of impurities and later cover with subfloor.

After doing it correctly, following the normative guidelines and with specialized labor, the durability is between 5-10 years.

After installing, we coat the asphalt blanket, with subfloor and floor, as it does not have resistance to abrasion.

Sometimes, the signs of infiltration begin to appear. The sings are the paint peeling, leaks, presence of mold, efflorescence, various stains, and even exposure of reinforcements. In this case, some types of cool roof services are necessary.

In this context, waterproofing services in Islamabad by chemical injection arises.

This technique consists of identifying the openings and fissures through where water is percolating and causing infiltration. In this case we inject the waterproofing chemical in Lahore in order to seal and close these points.

The injection waterproofing chemicals vary according to the type of use. In general, they are two-component polyurethane (PU), acrylic or vinyl gel.

We apply the injection under pressure and is capable of sealing capillaries with minimum thickness.

The waterproofing services in Lahore with chemical injection permanently seals fault sites. So, they won’t have any more problems.

However, this is a solution that needs serious technical analysis by specialized waterproofing companies in Pakistan.

Advantages of chemical roof waterproofing: No need to remove the asphalt blanket

There are some main advantages, and the main reasons to choose chemical injection waterproofing. It treats problems locally without the need for a major intervention to remove the asphalt blanket.

One or more layers cover the asphalt blanket on roof. The process of replacing a waterproofing of this type has some flaws. The pre-existing structure needs to remove for treatment.

In general, this type of work is usually time-consuming, invasive, generating a lot of rubble. It also creates a lot discomfort for the users of the buildings.

And once redone, the new waterproofing with the conventional system continues with the same warranty period (5-10). It is very likely that the process may need to repeat in the future.

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