How to Calm Down in Bad Situations

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Life is unpredictable, and things can happen anytime. You might wake up happy in the morning, and by the evening, you might be living your worst nightmare.

While life will keep happening, you should focus on having a contingency plan ready and staying calm even when everyone else is freaking out.

Here are three ways to calm yourself down in weird and bad situations.

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The number one technique that helps every time is breathing. Breathing is an effective exercise that can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and even anger.

Suppose you locked your keys in the car; instead of freaking out, you will want to breathe, calm your mind, and logically assess the options you have to fix the situation. You will be surprised to know that you make better decisions with a calm mind rather than when you are freaking out.

Different breathing techniques can help you calm down; for instance, you might want to try out the three-part breathing. You will want to pay attention to your body while inhaling deeply for this breathing technique.

Once you get comfortable with deep breathing, you will want to keep the inhaling and exhaling ratio to 1:2, which means that you will aim at making the exhaling process twice as long as the inhalation.

Assess Your Feelings

We tend to get impulsive and make stupid decisions when we are mad at someone or anxious in general. That said, whenever you feel anxious or any other negative emotion, don’t allow the negative emotion to control you – rather, you will want to assess the emotions and see where the negativity is coming from.

Often – the first step is admitting that something has made you upset and that you are feeling those emotions. Once you have accepted that you are feeling whatever you are feeling – those emotions will start to get lower, and you will start rationalizing things by getting a better hold of yourself and the emotions.

This way, you will be keeping your emotions in check and making better decisions rather than involving in impulsive behavior, which can sometimes cause irreparable damage.

Find an Outlet

You will want to find an outlet whenever you feel angry or anxious. You should know that the thoughts that we harbor inside – transform into energy, and this energy wants an outlet. Often people start trashing things and become erratic people – even fighting others.

That said, you will want to find a better outlet than that. Of course, your emotions will convert into energy, which is why we recommend going for a walk. You might as well hit the gym, indulge in an intensive workout session, and let it all out instead of bottling up your raw emotions.

Again, the point of emphasis is to be more mindful about what is going on on the inside and what you are responding to on the outside.

Suppose you just had an argument with your spouse and are feeling anger or resentment; your best option would be to leave the room and go for a brisk walk. Only return when you feel better and can actually have a normal conversation to sort out the problem.

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