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How Long Do Hit-And-Run Investigations Take in Florida?

How Long Do Hit-And-Run Investigations Take in Florida?

Have you or someone you know experienced a hit-and-run accident in West Palm Beach? You might be wondering how long it will take for the case to take its course and reach a conclusion so that you are rewarded a suitable settlement amount for the damages you incurred. However, determining exactly how long it can take to settle your case can be impossible without the specific details related to the situation you were in.

Working with experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers to review your case can give you a much clearer picture of how long you might have to wait until your case reaches a reasonable conclusion. A thorough review of your case with all the details from experienced attorneys can give you a good idea of whether your situation qualifies for monetary compensation.

Getting a sizeable settlement offer is a possibility in hit-and-run cases, but it is not always a guarantee. Having a professional lawyer review your case can give you a better idea of whether your case qualifies and how long it might take to settle your claim. The best lawyers can also give you an estimate for the amount that will adequately compensate you for the damages you suffered.

Today’s post will discuss the several aspects that can impact how long you might need to wait until your case is settled. It is also important to note that hit-and-run accident victims who work with experienced lawyers typically have a better chance of going through the case with few setbacks. Having expert legal professionals on your side can also increase your chances of getting a larger settlement compared to doing it alone.

What can Impact the Timeline in a Hit-and-Run Case?

Again, it is important to remember that each hit-and-run claim’s timeline can be different based on specific details surrounding the case. However, there are three primary aspects that could make a difference in how long it takes for the case to reach a settlement.

Legal or Factual Problems

Suppose that the insurance companies involved in the hit-and-run case delay processing the claim or outright deny it. Perhaps you do not have enough evidence to indicate the other driver’s fault or involvement in the car crash. Both these situations can cause considerable delays in settling your claim.

You should not be surprised to see insurance adjusters try to claim that the damages to your car were caused by something other than your claim of a hit-and-run accident. Unless you can provide evidence to concretely prove that it was a hit-and-run incident, they can deny your claim and refuse to compensate you. This is a typical strategy insurance companies use, especially when the driver who caused the accident cannot be identified.

However, a lawyer experienced in dealing with cases like these can help you defend your legal rights to full and fair compensation. Provided that you have a claim that has merit, an experienced lawyer can help you collect the necessary evidence for your claim.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Another factor determining how long your case can go on is the time it takes for you, the injured party, to reach the point of maximum medical improvement. It is the point where your medical care provider determines that there will be no more improvement in your condition. Ideally, you should settle with insurance companies after reaching this point to receive compensation to cover all the financial damages resulting from the injury.

Settling the case with insurance companies beforehand means that there is a chance that you will not be fully compensated in the settlement for your complete recovery. Suppose that you settled for a compensatory amount before maximum medical improvement, and the settlement included coverage for future medical care, but the actual costs of medical care exceeded the money you recieved. You cannot file a claim for the additional costs, regardless of whether your condition worsens.

Substantial Settlement Amounts

Insurance companies are profitable because they do their best to minimize their liabilities. If your hit-and-run case resulted in substantial damages that warrant a massive payout, you can fully expect the insurance company involved to do their best to delay or deny your claim. These businesses do not prefer paying out large amounts to customers with claims and do their best to devalue or deny the claims.

Insurance adjusters tend to make it look like they have your best interests at heart. However, they use a friendly facade to try and get you to say things that could harm your claim. They will use anything and everything they can to devalue or deny your claim. It is also another critical reason to have a qualified and experienced attorney involved in your hit-and-run case.

Experienced lawyers can see through the manipulation tactics insurance adjusters use to protect your best interests. Where insurance adjusters try their best to minimize their company’s liability, trusted lawyers do their best to ensure that you receive the full compensation you deserve to cover the damages you incurred.

How Long Does a Hit-and-Run Case Drag on After Deciding a Settlement Amount?

Suppose that you have worked hard with your attorney to come to an agreement on a settlement amount that fairly compensates you for the damages you incurred. Once you reach that point, your lawyer will draft a demand letter at your behest and send it to the insurance companies involved in your hit-and-run case. The insurance company will then accept the demand, make an offer to counter yours, or simply deny the claim.

If all the parties involved in the case agree to a specific amount, the statute in the Sunshine State mandates that the insurance companies involved must disburse the amount they are liable to pay the claimant within 20 days of reaching the agreement. The 20-day timeline applies to auto insurance companies. Suppose that you have filed a Personal Injury Protection claim. In that case, the insurance company will be liable to pay you within 30 days of reaching an agreement with you.

Can My Hit-and-Run Claim Lead to a Court Battle?

Most hit-and-run cases in Florida reach a conclusion that satisfies both parties without the need to take matters to a courtroom. However, it is still a possibility for the case to go to court if both of the parties fail to reach an agreement. In case you and your attorney cannot reach an agreement with the insurance company regarding the settlement, you might have to file a case against the insurance company to receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

These cases typically go through a mediation process where both parties will meet with a mediator to reach a compromise reasonable for everyone involved. A mediator is a third-party entity neutral to both parties assigned by the court to help them find the middle ground in the case. However, the mediator does not have the final say in the matter. There is a chance that the parties do not reach an agreement despite a mediator’s involvement.

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The failure to reach an agreement after mediation can see your case fought in the courtroom. Having a qualified lawyer involved in your case who is unafraid to fight it out in court on your behalf will be critical to ensuring a reasonable outcome.

Contact Qualified Lawyers to Help You in a Hit-and-Run Case

Having experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers review the details of your case in the immediate aftermath can be crucial to help you determine how to become financially whole again after a hit-and-run accident. You need to work with lawyers who will do their best to fight

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