How is the hair replacement system beneficial to the balding elderlies?

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What can we do to help balding elderlies sort out their balding situation? I believe 80% of the world’s population would agree with me: get a hair transplant done or start using hair replacement systems. So now comes the question, which one is better? Which one is more beneficial to the elderly balding population?

Transplants are likely to do more harm than good!

I’m perhaps the bluntest fellow walking the earth. I go with hair replacement systems. Starting with the most significant benefit: hair replacement systems are non-surgical, whereas hair transplants involve surgery and various risk factors, potentially putting older people’s health at risk. For example, a hair transplant might precede temporary side effects such as bleeding, folliculitis, numbness, scalp swelling, or even infections. With older people, we must keep in mind their health factors, such as their heart condition, blood pressure, breathing pattern, etc. Are they fit enough to endure all these? Will the surgery cause more than pain to his body? The hair surgeon will likely prescribe him powerful painkillers and antibiotics to alleviate pain or discomfort. Besides, the elderly may also expect long-lasting side effects, such as a permanent scar. So, in terms of health, hair replacement systems beat hair transplants.

Transplants are not for everyone!

What else? Let’s say this older gentleman is incredibly healthy, spirited with Guan Yu’s stamina, that the hair surgeon’s needle poking through each pore over his scalp feels to him like a gentle scratch. Is he fit for a hair transplant then? To retain objectivity, I must recall some of the world’s top hair specialists’ advice. Hair transplants are not for everyone, and over half of the balding population are not fit for hair transplants.

The efficiency of hair replacement systems

Why? Let’s see what a hair transplant is all about. Hair transplant is called FUE, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, meaning hair follicles get extracted from the scalp. During a hair transplant surgery, healthy follicles with hair growing out of them will be grafted from this hair-rich meadow and replanted to a hair-deficit zone. That’s how we get the baldy’s baldness covered up. However, to do this, his hair has to be 100% healthy, or the newly planted hair will not be acclimatized to the new soil and won’t grow. Even if the hair does grow out (thanks to your hair being healthy) of the follicles, no hair specialist or surgeon on earth could guarantee that the transplanted hair will stay planted forever. In many cases, the newly transplanted hair does come off the scalp. Furthermore, the cost for a standard 30,000-strand transplant is around $10,000; this price can easily afford you 25-30 years of hair system use with the most dashing look.

Hair systems give you the desired look!

Another benefit brought by hair replacement systems is density. With hair replacement systems, the person can achieve his desired thickness and most perfect look. In a word, the hair system can satisfy him with any desired look. As mentioned above, with a hair transplant, the person’s healthy follicles get extracted from the scalp and replanted in a hairless desert. What if 80% of the person’s scalp is shiny bald? Even if 20% of his scalp does have thick, lush hair, the hair yet can hardly cover the entire head with dream density. But with hair replacement systems, they no longer have to worry about this issue, and see the immediate result.

Simple to use and cost-effective, with instant result

Hair replacement systems can present an (almost) instant effect. Get your head measured by a stylist and a hairpiece shell made. Post them to an experienced hair system manufacturer or seller, such as New Times Hair. After that, they will tailor-make and post you the hair system specialized just for you. To put it on, the hairstylist will shave your balding area, sterilize it, and then paste or clip the hairpiece to your scalp. Then they will style it into any awesome hairstyle you like. A typical hair replacement system can easily last 3-6 months, or even a year, if cared for properly. A hair transplant will easily cost a person a fortune, with which he can afford using hair systems for 20-30 years and always having his most desired density and look. 

You make a decision now!

Up to this point, I believe we all have an idea why a hair replacement system is more beneficial to the elderly population than hair transplants. But the decision is yours. Only what best suits your needs are called the best.

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