How Interactive Displays Can Strengthen Workplace Collaboration

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As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, its dynamics changed. Remote working became a thing, and the digital age saw a groundbreaking revolution. 

Interactivity became a trend, and the ability to engage with technologies improved. In addition, most business industries started clamouring for interactivity.

As a result, the employment of large and small touch screens in Australia increased because they simplify work tasks with their interactive features. 

The benefits of interactive displays are numerous with respect to customer engagement. However, when it comes to workspace, they are still not defined clearly. 

Interactive displays enhance workplace collaborations and bring employees together in an efficient manner. 

But, the question is, how?

Read further to know.

How do interactive displays enhance workplace collaboration?

  • Smart meeting space

With the implementation of commercial touch screens, the layout and feel of meeting rooms have changed. Those rooms are evolving from boardrooms to smart, wireless, and interactive spaces.

Human brains process visual information 60,000 times quicker than text. So, now no more yawning and boredom in the name of ‘meeting.’ Interactive displays can simplify data processing. 

Moreover, when remote working is trending in many companies, touch screen displays can bring remote workers together and connect them with the physical team. 

As a result, the employee engagement rate increases because everyone can attend meetings, regardless of their presence in the office. 

  • Display information through dashboards

You can use an interactive display as a dashboard and keep it at any place in the office. It can collect data from multiple sources and represent it in an understandable and eye-catching way.

One of the greatest benefits of installing a digital dashboard is that you can access live and real-time data of each department. 

The work transparency in the company increases, and authorities can know what is going on in departments. 

This way, people can know the essential information and not feel left out. Moreover, with AI, you can save a huge amount of time preparing monthly reports. 

It also helps state company goals clearly, build a data-driven culture, and improve decision making.

  • Employees appreciate interactive technologies

A huge number of employees feel that accessing information through interactive methods can help solve complex business problems. 

Touch screen monitors allow users to have data at their fingertips, flexibility, and improved productivity. Moreover, integrating interactive displays with cloud-based servers enhances document sharing and management. 

56% of internal communication teams are thinking about the implementation of digital signage in their companies.

The above mentioned statistics show the power, benefits, and demand of interactive displays among businesses. 

  • Use it as a scrum board

Scrum boards are regularly edited and are dynamic. They are usually developed on whiteboards or colour-coded using sticky notes. 

Interactive digital displays can be a great alternative to traditional scrum boards, especially for large organisations. Often their offices are spread in different buildings and cities, so with digital screens, they can access scrum boards from various locations.

Moreover, it is also beneficial for people working remotely. 

Another advantage of a digital scrum board is a bigger size and more space. Sticky notes have limited space, and with varied handwriting, every piece of information cannot be written on it. Digital scrum boards solve that problem. 

In addition, you can contribute to the green revolution and reduce the use of paper. 

  • Digital Way finder

Physical maps and directories are out of fashion now. Their place is taken by digital way finders because they are easy to use and time-efficient. 

In office settings, way finders can be used to guide newcomers or visitors about the location of different departmental offices. This can reduce frustrations and help people get to the place they want in an easy manner.

It can also be used to show who has booked meeting rooms, for how many hours, and when they will be available next. In addition, it also allows users to book meeting rooms through the touch screen monitor.

What are the features of interactive displays?

  • They offer a great touch-screen experience. Furthermore, they can also identify palm touch, finger, or stylus, which allows a wide range of usability. 
  • They are compatible with most operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. 
  • Touch screens in Australia are built with ultra-high definition resolution. So, they are clear, bright, and can be seen from different angles. 
  • They are easy to set up, and you can use built-in applications and software.
  • They are cost-efficient with less maintenance work, reduced paperwork, and minimal cable use.
  • Many interactive display suppliers offer avant-garde security.
  • They are portable and can be mounted on walls to save space.


Implementation of touch screen monitors in the workspace provides numerous benefits. Moreover, they can be used differently to fit the business needs. 

They can be used as digital dashboards, way finders, meeting rooms, and many more places to serve numerous purposes.  

Being customisable, interactive display screens can be used indoors as well as outdoors. 

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