How Do You Winterize a Boat?

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As of 2021, in the United States, recreational boating is the top outdoor recreation sector. New powerboat sales were over 300,000 units. This is only the second time this much in sales in the past 15 years.

Americans love their boats, and that means taking pride in regular boat maintenance. However, what about harsh weather come winter? How do you winterize a boat, keeping it safe from damage?

It is not complex, but it requires taking a few steps. Keep reading to discover the winterizing boat checklist!

Cost to Winterize a Boat

For a professional to winterize a boat, the average cost is $300. For large boats, it could be as high as $500, and for smaller boats, it can be as low as $150.

You may look to avoid paying the cost to winterize a boat, but this will only lead to much more expensive damage. Boats are an enormous investment, and the way to keep enjoying them is through proper boat maintenance.

Prevent Damage from Freezing Water

While they make boats for water, ironically, during the off-season, frozen water can cause the most harm to your boat. Inside and outside your boat, water in the winter can cause mold and mildew to grow. Your key priority is keeping water and moisture out as much as possible.

Give your boat a thorough washing with the best boat cleaner. Wash the deck, topsides, and bottom. Everything you could think of, clean it!

A hull cleaner before wintertime will prevent damage. We recommend you purchase this hull cleaner.

After you wash it, wax it thoroughly too. This helps to protect your boat from changes in temperature. It will look shiny and brand new once you complete your wash and wax.

Winterizing a Boat Checklist

Here are the necessary tasks when you winterize a boat. You must begin by prepping the engine. Remove all water, making sure all water is drained.

Next, protect your engine. You can do this by using good corrosion protection.

You may need to complete fogging, depending on if your boat needs it. For this step, you will want to consult your owner’s manual.

Good boat maintenance means changing your engine’s fuel filters. This includes the system’s fuel/water system, too.

Then, drain the fresh water from the plumbing system of the boat, too. This includes tanks, sinks, and heads. Winterize a boat by adding antifreeze to its plumbing system.

Remove water from all other systems, including the bilge pump, livewells, and raw water washdowns. Take away the drain plugs.

Finally, you want to cover your boat. You could place it somewhere for winter storage if you prefer.

How Do You Winterize a Boat?

So, how do you winterize a boat? Follow this step-by-step guide and prevent unnecessary costs and damage to the future.

You love your boat, so give it the TLC it needs. For more ways to protect the people and things you love, you don’t need to leave us yet. Keep clicking for more brilliant tips and advice.

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