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How Can You Use Labels at Your Wedding?

How Can You Use Labels at Your Wedding?

Who does not want the most significant event of their life to be memorable? Today, people spend a bomb on weddings because they like to customise everything from start to finish.

Earlier brand logos and labels were only restricted to products and services. But today, individuals have become a brand. If you are planning a grand wedding and you want to personalise it in every way possible, you should start with checking out textured labels and ideas to use throughout your wedding. In this article, you’ll come across unique and fun ideas to use labels as a primary part of your wedding.

Before you get into the details of using a label, you must consult a logo designer or a wedding planner who can help you with a fancy hashtag or an exclusive logo for the wedding. Once you are ready with the other aspects of the wedding, you can get creative and customised labels to use in the following ways.

Use a label on every product used at the wedding.

Suppose you are doing a grand wedding, you can get a sticker printed in any size you like, there can be a small round sticker to go on a bottle of liquid soap or a big label with the logo on the back of a car. Think of all possible ways to place a sticker on each product used at the wedding.

Use a label on guest welcome gift and return gifts

The guest should know and remember every detail of the wedding, and what better them giving them a welcoming gift. You can choose a single product to give or prepare a personalised gift hamper with multiple products. Let your wedding label be displayed in the most attractive way on the gifts you present to your guests.

Send out digital and physical invites with the wedding sticker

An invite is one of the most significant parts of a wedding. As you shortlist the best wedding invitations to send your guest, don’t forget to add a customised textured label of the wedding logo on every invite that goes out.

Use labels as signage

Signage for the wedding is essential for your guests to know where the function is taking place. If you are hosting a big celebration that lasts for about two or more days, it is the best way to help your guests identify what, when and where things are happening.

Add labels on guest’s hotel room doors and language

Another great way of using the labels is to add them to your guest’s baggage, handbags, and hotel room doors. Let the other guests in the hotel know who is attending the wedding. It will also help the hotel staff identify your guests and pay special attention to their needs.

It would be best to utilise these fantastic ideas to make your wedding a grand affair for everyone attending it. But most important of all is to choose a good digital printing company that can give you quality stickers.

So while looking for digital printing companies that can help you design your stickers, make sure you pick one that has plenty of options to get a variety to choose from. Also, do a background check about the printing firm. And also how they have managed to pull off such projects in the past. You can read customer reviews online or on the company website to better understand their work quality and project deliveries. Shortlist a few options and see which one works best for you.

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