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Here Are The Top Grants And Opportunities For Artists For 2022

Here Are The Top Grants And Opportunities For Artists For 2022

Art is a creative expression of the thoughts, emotions, imaginations, and skills of artists. The efforts put forward to create unique art deserve attention and appreciation from a global audience. While art selling platforms are an excellent way to monetize artworks, grants, and sponsored opportunities enhance the brand value of a budding artist. 

To make the artistic journey easier for budding artists and art creators, we’ve curated a list of top grants and art exhibition opportunities to showcase your work to a global audience and secure sponsorship. 

Let’s get started.

Top Grants And Opportunities For Artists For 2022


ARTBOXY is a new and advanced online art exhibition platform that enables artists to easily and effortlessly showcase their art digitally worldwide in the various ARTBOXY partner galleries.

For the renowned art exhibition SWISSARTEXPO 2022, as an artist, you have the opportunity to apply for ARTBOXY sponsorship. 

This art selling platform sponsors up to 20 artists with 1-4 exhibition walls at the SWISSARTEXPO 2022 event with a value of CHF 1,500 – CHF 6,000 per artist.

ARTBOXY charges an application fee of CHF 89 for application review and jury management. This amount will not be reimbursed. The best part? ARTBOXY doesn’t charge any commission 

if your art gallery sculpture or any other artwork is sold during SWISSARTEXPO 2022.

All artists venturing into visual arts are eligible for the ARTBOXY sponsorship, irrespective of nationality and style.

Date: August 24-28, 2022

Venue: SBB Event Hall, Zurich Main Station, Switzerland


The Artadia Awards offer seasoned and upcoming artists financial support, relevant exposure, and recognition. The funds are unrestricted, enabling artists to use the financial rewards in any you want. 

Every year, an open-call application is available in each of the six active partner cities, including Los Angeles, Louisville, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Houston. 

Application Deadlines:

  • Los Angeles and Louisville Application Date: May 15 – June 15, 2022
  • San Francisco Application Date: June 1 – July 1, 2022
  • New Orleans Deadline: July 1 – Aug 1, 2022
  • Houston: Sept 15 – Oct 15, 2022
  • Atlanta Application Deadline: Sept 1 – Oct 1, 2022; 

Three Awardees in each partner city to receive unrestricted financial funding of $10,000. Marciano Artadia Awardee received an unrestricted financial award of $25,000. 

Applicants need to be contemporary visual artists, making art representation in art gallery sculpture, non-profit organizations, the public art realm, etc. 

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

Conceptualized and launched in 1993, FCA’s mission is to promote and sponsor contemporary, experimental artworks and artists. Emergency Grants offers urgent financial aids specifically for visual and performing artists who:

  • Get sudden, unanticipated opportunities to represent their work in public arenas, but there are time restrictions to seek other sources of financial support. 
  • Artists who incurred unexpected or unbudgeted expenses close to project completion with committed exhibition dates at art selling platforms. 

Emergency Grants is a multidisciplinary program providing immediate financial support to artists living and working anywhere in the United States for project presentations both within the country and abroad. 

Almost 95 Emergency Grant Applicants approach the FCA each month, and approximately 12-15 grants get approved. The financial fundings range in amount from $500 to $3,000, and the current average funding is $1,700.

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Artists’ Charitable Fund

Colorado-based Artists’ Charitable Fund offers assistance to painters and sculptors based anywhere in the United States by paying a certain amount of their medical/dental/eye-care bills. 

For example, the Fund has purchased a wheelchair for the artists with special needs, paid for eye surgery, offered financial assistance for prosthetics, and paid partial medical expenditure for several artists undergoing cancer treatment, etc. 

This Grant is applicable only to U.S. painters and sculptors, and the funding varies depending on medical requirements. 

However, this funding doesn’t provide assistance for representing art on any online art exhibition platform. 

The Umbrella Arts Center Artist-in-Residence Program

The Umbrella Arts Center Artist-in-Residence program is an artist-in-residence program looking for artists specifically venturing into climate action artwork expressing urgency and inviting participation. 

The program includes a 12-month studio residency in a multidisciplinary art center comprising 50 artist studios, a makerspace, an independent ceramics classroom, and performance and art gallery sculpture spaces in Concord, MA. 

Applying artists can be in any stage of their career (seasoned or newly launched) and may work in any medium.

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

Founded as an extension of Lee Krasner’s legacy, the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant was primarily established to offer financial support and strengthen the creative lives of artists. 

Since its inception in 1985, the art foundation has offered funding of over 65 million dollars as award money to art creators in over 77 countries.

The funding can range from $5,000 to $30,000, depending on the requirement and circumstance.

The Grant is applicable for mid-career professional artists with demonstrable financial requirements. Artists need to actively exhibit their artworks in professional artistic venues, including art selling platforms, galleries, and museum spaces. Painters, sculptors, printmakers, and other visual artists are eligible to apply. 

2022 NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists

Conceptualized in 2019, the NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists comprises a $12,000 annual funding exclusively crafted to empower the artistic journey of 6 contemporary artists, each of whom receives $2,000 as award money. 

However, NOT REAL ART Grant winners achieve more than just financial gains. Each awardee gets to share their artistic story and promote themselves as a brand with exclusive, in-depth featured interviews on the dedicated NOT REAL ART podcast and blog section. 

Also, regardless of the fact whether you receive the Grant, each applicant automatically becomes eligible for getting featured in future blog stories, newsletters, and their exclusive artist marketing database. Visual artists aged 21 years or older based in the U.S. and Canada are eligible for the Grant. 

Present, Market, And Earn

Combining participation in art shows and grants with an active presence on an online art exhibition platform is the key to achieving success as an artist. In the digital era, online platforms have made the journey easier for artists by providing a global platform. You can easily upload your art and present your art to a worldwide audience. 


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