Here are the Advantages of Wireless Headset

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Efficiency is the key and it’s a major competitive advantage. It’s not as easy to implement it in order to gain these benefits. “We need to be more efficient in our business processes so we can increase sales and grow market share” 

Okay what do you think? How exactly can you do that? You could offer promotions, reduce costs, or you could choose an approach that has immediate and longer-term benefits: using headsets to improve the level of comfort for your employees. Enhance your workplace by making essential business tasks such as calling customers as easy as is possible. 

Wireless headset?  Yes, Astro gaming A50 wireless headset can improve the efficiency of your employees and increase their productivity and turn them into highly-performing workers, which is a massive competitive advantage. Competitive advantages are the most important thing in the current market. 

Here are five reasons why: 

Freedom of Movement 

If you hold a phone in your hand and you’re glued to it till the person you’re talking to leaves. The other hand remains always focused on the phone, and the range of motion is restricted by how long the cord of your phone is. 

Problem right? It’s not if you have headphones! 

Imagine two hands in the air holding absolutely nothing and, if you’re wireless, you could walk anyplace (well within 400 feet from the workstation) ,and you’ll still being on the phone. With a headset, your hands are free to multitask and accomplish more within the timeframe you need.. an efficiency machine! 

Productivity increases 

A study conducted by H.B. Maynard & Co., Inc. and Plantronics concludes that using a headset with a hands-free feature instead of a conventional telephone can boost efficiency by 43 percent! This is the study for those interested in knowing what a 43 percent increase in productivity would look like (hint that it’s more numbers on the paycheque). 

If participants were wearing headsets and a headset, they could read more, type more quickly and write faster. 

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Sound Quality 

The benefits headsets offer over conventional phones are numerous. They offer better sound quality and users are able to control the volume by turning the amp up or down according to your personal preferences. 

Many headsets come with noise-cancelling features, and you won’t hear any scratching or rubbing of the phone since the microphone is located in an appropriate distance.

 It’s all about the details people, and sound quality is crucial. 

Health Benefits 

In relation to the study found in the second article, H.B. Maynard & Co listed many benefits to health and wellness for the neck, shoulders, the upper back, and your head, that’s right, head! A headset can relieve you of the strain and tension these muscles experience when you connect a mobile phone to your ear each day. If you don’t fix it you may develop difficult muscle tensions, and lots of pain and injuries

Nobody likes the constant tension in their necks, or a stiff neck and upper back after a long day particularly if they can be avoided. 

Amazing, Lifelong Customer Service 

Happier employees = better quality work = satisfied customers = more profit. This is a positive cycle that will benefit everyone. If the advantages and obvious competitive advantages that come from easing the life of your employees isn’t evident go back and go back and read this blog!

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