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House relocation is a difficult task for both tenants and homeowners. This includes sorting out household items and securing valuable antiques in cartons. Although moving small objects like bedside tables or center tables may seem easy, it is not as simple to transport bulk furniture like sofa sets or bunk beds. It takes much more effort and packing skills.

Hiring the best furniture moving service in your area for heavy, bulky items is wise. The professional furniture Removalists Geelong can quickly pack and move heavy and bulky furniture safely and efficiently. You can have your furniture or house moved stress-free and cheaply. Don’t worry if you decide to do it yourself.

We have provided a list of “dead-simple,” easy-to-follow packing tips to make furniture moving easier and safer.

  • Create a detailed checklist

Before you begin packing, it is essential to have a pre-plan. Planning is a time-consuming task. You will spend less time executing your relocation plan. Make a complete inventory of your belongings and divide them into categories such as move, sell or donate. You will need to take down everything you need to pack your items and move them. Start by sorting your items according to their nature. Next, pack heavy furniture and electrical equipment. To flawlessly complete each step, ensure you have a checklist at least one week before your move day.

  • Collect Packaging Supplies

Now it’s time to actually do the work. By packing your furniture and other belongings, you can make DIY furniture removals as safe and secure as possible. The smallest damage to expensive furniture like a dining table, sofa or bed can result in costly repairs or replacements. Ensure you have all the necessary packing materials to protect your furniture from scratches and damage. Many places will give you free cardboard boxes and paper wrapping sheets, such as your neighbours or general store. For small items packaging, you can use old household items like towels, clothes, and blankets. We recommend using premium packing materials for expensive furniture. It is vital to pack heavy furniture securely. Make sure you choose the most cost-effective way to reduce damage during transit.

  • Before you move, lighten your load.

Try to move heavy furniture as light as possible. If possible, remove all attached parts before lifting the furniture. If you are moving a desk, don’t move it without taking out the drawers and other contents. If you don’t have the option of removing the desk, tape the drawers or shelves, so they don’t open when you lift and carry the item.

It will make it easier to remove the furniture legs, as well as the knobs, knobs, and pulls that protrude from the furniture. Be sure to label everything you take out so it can be put back in the correct place. These will make it easier to move the furniture and prevent scratching floors, gouging walls and pinching fingers.

  • Keep Moving Tools and Equipment ready.

You can’t rely on your friends to help you move bulky items. Planning a week in advance is better than rushing through the relocation. If you’re willing to do it yourself, ensure you have the right tools and equipment. It is always a good idea to seek professional advice from Removalists Bendigo, as you could be subject to severe injuries or property damage. Removalists Blacktown companies use special tools and equipment to ensure your goods arrive safely.

Moving large furniture yourself

Knowing the right tools and techniques makes it easier to do something, such as moving companies. They are equipped with all the necessary tools and learn how to move large furniture and heavy items safely.

Having the right tools and techniques to lift, pick, and move large furniture.

Before you attempt these large furniture moving hacks and tips:

  1. Make sure you first check to see if you can manage it.
  2. Call a professional Removalists Pakenham based service provider.
  3. When you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your family, friends, neighbours, or professional moving service providers for assistance.

Make sure you use the right methods to move large furniture

Here are some safety tips to remember when you move heavy furniture.

  • When lifting any object, ensure you use your legs and not the back. You could end up injuring your back if you don’t do this.
  • When lifting heavy objects such as oversized furniture, it is essential to have the proper posture.
  • Remember to align your hips and knees while lifting furniture. Next, extend your legs and exhale.
  • When lifting furniture, don’t twist your bed or body forward.
  • The furniture should be held as close as possible to your body, at the right height.
  • Do not rush when moving heavy furniture. Be patient and take your time.
  • Never lift heavy furniture or other heavy objects above your shoulders.

Bonus Tips

  • Before you pack the items, empty their drawers and cabinets. Wrap the drawers and cupboards in stretch plastic wraps with 3-4 loops of solid tape to prevent scratches or jerks during transport.
  • To pack fragile furniture and glassware, you can use household items like newspapers, socks, and old blankets.
  • Use plastic wrap and tape to cover the legs of heavy furniture such as a dining table. This will allow you to slide heavy furniture without damaging the floor easily.
  • To prevent backaches, wear gloves when lifting heavy furniture.
  • It is best to keep children, pets and toddlers out of your home.

Wrapping Up

It is never easy to move, especially if you do it yourself. You can pack and move smaller and lighter household items safely and efficiently. However, moving large furniture is difficult and requires professional packing services. You will not only increase the chance of damaging furniture but you could also be seriously injured if you don’t know how to do it correctly. 

These tips and tricks will help you save time and make your relocation safer. If you feel you cannot manage the process on your own, professional Removalists Pakenham will help.

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