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When buying customized printed t-shirts you need to ensure you get quality results for the best prices. This means finding out who offers screen printing to happy customers and comparing their costs to choose the best. Some people have a local printing shop they could check out, but many people do not. Going online is a good way to find out information on the printing company as well as find online services that often offer cheaper deals. You can read reviews, check they are genuine printers and look into how long they have been in the business.

Compare printing prices more easily

When you look online you can collect several quotes and prices and also get an idea of the type of printing they offer, and other services. Being able to directly compare means you are a lot more able to check into other things like what reviews are saying and choose the printing service with the best options for you. Just keep in mind that not all printing services are the same. If you are looking for a certain type of printing method like silkscreen printing, you want just a small order, you want a large range of colours, not all printers can help. Some only offer bulk orders and if you want something less than their minimum order will not work with you. 

On the other hand, if you can order in bulk that can often be a benefit to your costs, as it works out cheaper per shirt. Then there are differences in cost depending on the shirt you want to use, colors and styles and of course the size of the design and such. Different printing companies have different machinery, experience and volume of customers which can also affect their fees.

Consider your design color, size and type carefully

As mentioned your design is going to affect the cost. The size of the logo, its position, if you choose a certain type of printing, say digital printing instead of screen printing, if you add a service like embroidery as well. When using screen printing there are then factors like it takes more time to set up a lot of colors so if you insist on having a lot of them, you will have to pay for that.

Make sure all the printing services have the same information

Keep in mind that you need to have all the facts prepared as you go to each printer so you can get accurate pricing. Each printing service needs to know the same things so that when they send you a price back you can directly compare those prices. Be wary of going straight to the cheapest unless you have already confirmed all of them offer expert printing services and have a good reputation. Make sure they can all offer what you want at the quality you want. Also as you consider the silkscreen printing and how good they are with it, also make sure you choose decent shirts to print on.


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