Future of Learning Apps vs. Traditional Education

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The constant battle between traditional education and digital learning seems to be never-ending. However, both platforms have their pros and cons. Talking about online learning, it’s pretty easy, flexible, cost-effective, and trending in nature. Although traditional knowledge was based on myth, it was an old age classroom, and people referred to it because of the old habit.

  • Online learning is more convenient – online learning is a digital platform that is more convenient where teachers can’t only teach the students but also help them utilize their whole efficiency. Online learning platforms with LMS portal are not helpful only for the school teachers but also for the coaching teachers. Moreover, digital learning is hiring teachers for online teaching who can offer online courses and benefit from them to students.
  • It is more flexible – Online learning offers more flexibility. Learning via the internet saves time and energy, and money; here, teachers can conduct classes according to their convenience. Online learning ensures flexibility in timing. However, teachers used to take classes at a particular time in offline courses. So the students can only study at a specific time. Suppose a class comprises 60 students; every student has different patterns of learning belonging to another class. So in offline classes, it isn’t easy to teach them at a particular time. However, in the online learning pattern, the students can learn from the recorded video and study anytime they want.
  • It is more cost-efficient – online education helps the teachers to reduce traveling expenditures and the rents they pay for the coaching and premises. In contrast, online education can make teachers famous worldwide and help the teachers to earn more. 
  • Access to study material – in offline education, the students do not have easy access to study material from everywhere and anywhere. Whereas online education, the students can access different materials and sources from various places. It allows 24/7 access to study material which is helpful for students.
  • The online coaching center has an equal opportunity for everyone, irrespective of their flaws. Students can express their problems and ask their doubts without hesitation in the class, and they can accept and take the courses in the comfort of their homes. These coaching centers’ online courses help them make a career in the renowned industry and join their field of interest.
  • Online learning – E-learning is a way forward from just studying on the internet. This process makes the online classes teaching and learning more fun and engaging. Online learning can make the students learn from their own conform zone. At the same time, teachers can take classes from their homes, and this e-learning process helps the students during the pandemic time by enabling them to learn from anywhere.
  • No social distancing is required – social distancing is needed for this pandemic .e- learning can help maintain the social distance learning and help maintain the needed protocol. It didn’t harm the student’s life as the school closed during the pandemic. E-learning helps schools follow their curriculum and teach students at their own pace with features like school management software
  • Quality education – earlier teachers, used to give notes from the particular books or the 3-4 selected books. Whereas, in online teaching, they reach the students’ thinking abilities, do all the research through pdf, ppt, and give their students the best quality of study materials and knowledge.

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