Flexible Warning Post: 5 common warning signs noticed on road

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When driving on roads, you are likely to come across a whole lot of signs installed along the way. What are these signs and what is their purpose? Many even barely notice their presence. But these signs do require you to notice and give it undivided attention. This way, you as well as other vehicles and pedestrians including road workers are safe. 

About road warning signs

Whatever placards are posted on the highways and streets, you need to be aware of them. The government has set specific standards for the signs’ shape and colour. This is to ensure conformity throughout the state and country. Besides this, most signs and traffic safety products come with only symbols. They are meant to provide instant communication allowing people of all languages to understand what is meant. 


Road indicators are offered in different colours. Each colour is said to signify the type of information contained in them. Warning signs, for instance has yellow background having black symbols or lettering. The placard’s shape conveys valuable information. Warning signs mostly have diamond shape to ensure quick and easy recognition by drivers and pedestrians. But some exceptions are there like the rectangle shaped sharp bend and pennant shaped ‘No Passing Zone’ placard. You can get a wide range of products at https://lightentraffic.com/.

Its importance

It is not possible to overstate the significance of using warning signs. They need to be placed at strategic positions for your own protection and to protect others. Drivers are warned of approaching hazardous conditions. Hence, these signs are used for a particular reason and hence, should be adhered to sincerely. 

Commonly used warning signs

  • Slippery when wet: It is one of the Traffic Safety Supply commonly available and used. It is diamond shaped having a car skidding symbol. It indicates the pavement’s slipper conditions. Ice or rain may have made the pavement to become hazardous, thus warning drivers to slow down and drive carefully. 
  • Stop ahead: It is a warning sign instructing drivers to slow down indicating a full stop ahead. Before proceeding further cautiously, you are to come to a full stop. This sign also is diamond shaped. 
  • Traffic signal ahead: This diamond shaped sign has three colour traffic light embedded on it. On noticing this, you are to stay alert, slow down to anticipate ahead an intersection including a red or yellow light ahead. 
  • Sharp curve towards left or right: It is a rectangular shaped sign having black arrow that points towards the curve direction. This indicates that the road ahead has extreme angled changing directions. You are to slow down significantly before reaching the curve. 
  • Right or left turn ahead: This sign warns of left curving roadway ahead. Hence, stay to right side and slow down. Similar caution is to be followed with ‘Right Turn’ ahead. In this case, you are to stay to the street’s left side and approach carefully the turn. 

The above are few of the many signs available along with Flexible Warning Post. The right sign and post can make a huge difference to protect lives.

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