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A fake driver’s license is a document printed by any IT group of experts or criminals who have all your information (not) registered in the DMV (department of motor vehicles) or DVLA (Driver and Licensing Authority). This document will not appear valid in any police checks as it will be a fake license. However, we always advise everyone to go for a real driver’s license with us Since it can be obtained without sitting for the stressful driving test that many turn not to pass due to busy conditions.

The Novelty Group of Hackers has decided to help everyone get a driving license in the UK easily without stress and at a very affordable price so that everyone can use this license to easily get a UK Passport. In the lines below, you are going to find out how much a fake driving license will cost you to create and print and also how to follow the registration and production of the real UK driving license here with us.

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How can I get a fake driver’s license?

It is easy to get the Fake UK driving licence from any of these document providers but here with us, we can easily get you a real driving license in the UK, which would be used to drive anywhere in Europe without any problem. registration in the United Kingdom DVLA database in various European systems. With our many years of expertise in the field, we have issued over 12 million copies of Authentic UK Driving Licenses around the world.

How can I get a driving license in the UK?

According to the standard procedure for obtaining a Fake UK driving licence, you must follow the procedure below.

Learn to drive a car: Step by step

Check that you are allowed to drive

Get a temporary license

Take Driving Lessons and practice

Prepare for your theory test (Temporary License Required to take lessons)

Book and manage your training test (Driver’s license required)

Book and arrange your Driving test

As we work with the DVLA authorities, we ease the stress of following all of the above to get a UK driving license. Visit now to find out how it works.

Where to Apply for a full UK driving license

Apply for your full driving license Now

You can apply for your full driving license as soon as you pass your driving test. But for those who have not taken the driving test, can still be helped to get a full driving license. Learn more

If you have a photocard driving licence, and you have not changed your name, your inspector will send your test pass certificate to the DVLA.

But if you don’t have a provisional driving license and still want a full driving licence, we can get you a UK-registered driving license that will be used without any police bothering you at checkpoints.

How to apply for a full driving license in the UK

UK Driving License

If you have changed your name or have a paper driver’s license, you must:

fill out the declaration on your driving test certificate

fill in form D1 ‘application for driver’s licence’,

provide original documents confirming your identity

provide a passport photo (only if you have a license to issue paper)

If you do not have the above-required documents that allow you to get a Full driving license, it is not a big problem, with the help of our insiders at DVLA Swansea SA99 1BN head of department, we easily apply to anyone who needs a driving license in the UK and outside the UK for easy approval. Your information is requested to do this it only takes a few days to register and print a hard copy driver’s license

However, we help anyone who wants to go for a driving test with free driving lessons organized by our driving instructor that provides the location and time of the lessons. Contact our customer service for more information. you will be able to talk to one of our experts on the DVLA theory test practice in all aspects.

How long does it take to get a driving license UK

According to the standard driver’s license, it will take you several months to get even a temporary license in the UK because you would have to follow and complete driving lessons which will take several months. Meanwhile, it is much easier and less expensive than no time to get a registered UK Full licence, which would not need months. The process only takes weeks and you get a real UK license delivered to your doorstep. From there you will be able to drive through all the wonderful countries of Europe in total freedom. This driver’s license that we issue, will be created and registered with the group you want. There are many processes that we understand many do not want to do, a lot of office and groundwork, a lot of time you need, and a lot of money to be able to have a driving license, especially in the UK and Europe. general.

It is convenient to get a driver’s license from us

We can get you any Class and Type of License you need.

This fake driver’s license can be used to rent a car without any mistakes

Your fake license will pass the police inspection especially if the police officer does not pass the document on the scan

The Fake License carries all the Real Driving license hidden features and hologram but will not be registered in the system as the real one is done.

Our fake license can be used to enter clubs and bars.

This license can pass some police checks due to good quality products.

With just one click you can get this license from the comfort of your home

How can I apply for a driver’s license?

Many people have been coming to us asking this question, about the fake driver’s license. it is illegal to hold a private driving license as all driving licenses are held at a DVLA office. This act is severely punished by law. but due to the high demand in the market, we help in the production of fake driving license that can be used in the UK for different reasons. With the use of our latest holograms and hidden templates, we can get you a high-quality fake driver’s license that is invisible. Note that none of your information will be registered in the UK DVLA database system. 

It is an offense to possess or use a false driver’s license.

You can be caught using a fake document which can land you in jail for some time.

You can easily get caught if you are unlucky in front of the boss at the checkpoint.

It is against the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) rules and regulations to use a fake driving license.

The penalty is a hefty fine if anyone is caught using a fake driving licence.

Novelty Dmv Group of criminals is one of the leading companies where you can get a fake driver’s license that has installed software and PDFs over the years that carry all the country’s driver’s license Templates with all the hidden features so that, the production process will be the best. easy with just a click. So getting a fake driving license from us is a matter of minutes as everything is already designed to make it easy to do.

If you want a valid fake driver’s license from us, you will need to follow all these fake driver’s license terms below.

You must have a valid reason for us to get you a fake driver’s license that is produced and sent to you.

The license must be destroyed after serving your purpose for security reasons.

You must confirm with us that, If you are caught using a fake license that you have, we will not be responsible. We will therefore refuse any such contact with you.

You must be of a reasonable age for us to issue you a fake driver’s license.

You must also confirm with us that if caught, you will not disclose the source of the document.

Buy a European driving license and you can drive freely throughout Europe. When traveling to Europe you don’t have to worry about getting a license with us. You are in good hands. Buy your European driving license with us and you won’t have to go through all the red tape and lengthy training that getting one comes with.

Where to buy a driving license in Europe?

Novelty DMV Expert has been leading a smart group of criminals in the false docs biz with the production of various documents such as passports, ID Cards, and many other documents as requested, The European driver’s license that we issue, is available with us. because we are authentic and use the right tools and materials for all registration and production processes

How to buy a European driving license with us and your dreams will come true. Order a European driving license and all you need to do is relax and you will have your license.

Easily get a European driving license with us and you will be able to drive in any European country you choose. class b license, class b driving license class c license, how to get a class c license, how much does it cost to get a CDL license, how can you get a CDL license without going to school, expensive truck driving school, how much is a truck driving school, expensive truck driving school.

Novelty The criminal group will always be there for all your driver’s license solutions. We have created billions of driver’s licenses over the years, however, it is recommended that you always look for the right driver’s license regardless of the country or country, with our hacking skills and knowledge over the years, We can find all your needs easily.


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