Expert Guide for Hair Color

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Hair coloring is an art, and only a slight percentage can excel in this form of art. Even if you go to a professional salon or attempt at home the permanent dyes, semi-permanent dyes, or natural hair colour dyes, then you should certainly know about a couple of top-notch guides from professionals themselves. It will not only upgrade your hair but also elevate your knowledge and experience regarding hair colours. Read on to know about some expert guide for Hair Color.

We recommend you endeavor out the incredible Indalo’s organic Ayurveda-induced hair color and care range products. They are handled under the advice of Japanese hair professionals. They are alternatives to cruel and harmful chemical-based products which are very harsh on your beautiful tresses. These deliver a variety of high-quality natural hair colour enhanced with herbal extracts with a great spectrum of hair colour sustainably.

Expert Guide for Hair Color

Let’s get into these 6 expert guidance section of hair color

  • Skin tone and shade relation:

A lot of colours can be captivating to attempt but whenever you are shopping for your clothes you do check if a particular shade goes well with the skin tone, right? Skin tones, whether warm or cold, do contribute to holding a hair colour more vibrant for your face. Choosing the correct colour is one baby step into the procedure of your hair coloring.

  • Set your budget accordingly

Blond, blue, or brown streaks definitely look fabulous but make sure to set your budget and research a bit, on what kinds of hair dyes are available in that range. Keep in mind the health and nourishment of your stresses. The money you are investing should at least give you a gain of 30 to 40 days of color payout, else your investment was futile. You can always opt for pure hair dye from an excellent herbal hair color manufacturer– KEO.

  • Global grey coverage:

Those stubborn grey hairs appearing one at a time with age is giving you more reasons to go for global hair color rather than streaks. Global will hide your greys easily and be more convenient for colouring of hair. Finishing two different assignments with one appointment of global hair colour solution will deliver no more greys sticking out of your hair.

  • Post-colour care

People often complain of color bleeding the day right after their appointment but have you ever known about post-hair colour care? Switch on to a good color treatment-specific shampoo and conditioner. They are specially formulated for color-treated hair, for both naturally and chemically treated hair colours. Wait for one to two days after colour appointment so that the colour settles properly, then shampoo. Limit your hair wash days to 3 days per week for less colour bleeding. Protect from harsh and extreme weather conditions to elongate the time of hair colour.

  • Wait before switching to a new color:

Be patient and enjoy the recent color you dyed your hair. Before thinking of changing your hair color, analyze the health of your hair and consult a professional. Either fully grow out or shorten the damaged piece to have a new base for new hair colour because it is better to have a clean, fresh and rejuvenated foundation for a new dye to settle in. If you proceed with already damaged hair from the first chemical dye and plan on correcting it with another chemical dye color, it is unquestionably not going to transpire. Instead, you may opt for color correction treatment after getting it recommended by your hairstylist.

  • A big no-no to ammonia or PPD

KEO is a great brand that supplies natural hair colour products rather than the chemically synthesized hair colour that makes the hair strands very dry, damaging, and brittle. Always avoid the toxic chemicals present in hair dye and opt for organic products. The experts will always suggest opting for natural hair dyes even if you have grey hair because it is great for your hair strands and the scalp.

Kirpal Export Overseas (KEO), is a globally leading manufacturer (OEM Business) and exporter of natural products such as Natural Henna Powder, Natural Hair Colors, Henna Based Hair Colors (with very low % of chemicals), Indigo Powder for hair coloring, and Indian natural herbs. These organic developments are experimented with various parameters to deliver the best product satisfaction of natural products for the audience.

It is our priority, and we take great pride in providing an extensive selection of the finest quality henna and hair coloring products as we are the best herbal hair color manufacturer. Indalo is their natural domestic brand in India that strives to maintain their organic and herbal status as a hair care brand. Always choose the best quality hair colour which is totally natural and organic. The great thing about it is you get to keep your

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