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Everything You Need to Pack for University

Everything You Need to Pack for University

When it comes to packing up before a big move to your university or college, things can be daunting. You are essentially being asked to edit your life down to fit into a few suitcases at most. The good news is that this is actually the perfect opportunity to shed off the remnants of childhood so that you can step into adulthood with a fresh start. 

While you will want to buy things like books, textbooks, kitchen supplies, and even furniture when you are there (particularly if your campus is hours away from your childhood home), there are a few necessities you will want to bring with you. 

  • A good laptop 

Your laptop is going to be your workplace, your television, your friend portal, and so much more. If you don’t already have a great laptop, then look at these top Lenovo school laptops and make this your first big purchase with your student loan. You need your laptop to have a great battery life and plenty of storage, and most importantly, you need it to be able to run the programs you may be using as part of your course. 

  • A versatile wardrobe

You won’t want to bring your entire wardrobe, so now is the time to edit. Bring items that can only be matched up with at least 3 to 5 other items. The goal is to be able to bring as many outfits as possible in as few garments as possible. This is how you’ll pack a solid starter wardrobe that you will naturally be able to add to later. 

  • Entertainment 

Downtime is important, so bringing your consoles or other electronics is a good idea –remember to keep them away from others, particularly if they are drunk. You may also want to consider contents insurance to cover damages or thefts. If you are unsure, leave all but the essential electronics, and when you come home during Christmas or between years, you can reconsider. 

  • Creature comforts 

We all get homesick, and that’s okay. Bring photos of your family, that one stuffed toy that has made it through childhood, or even your towels, even if it’s a bit of a hassle. If your parents make you soup and serve it in an extra-large much when you are sick, bring that. You are going to get sick when you are away, and anything that can make you feel comforted in that state is going to make a massive difference.  

  • Great bedding 

Dorm beds are notoriously uncomfortable, so bring high-quality bedding. This can include a mattress topper and high-quality sheets that are breathable (and a spare). When you are stressed and just need to relax, having a comfortable bed setup is going to make a massive difference. 

  • Personal touches 

Dorms are very impersonal places, so you will want to make them feel as much like yours as possible from the start. Add artwork, lowlights, plants, and more as soon as you can to make the place feel like you, the individual so that you can start to relax like it’s home.

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