Essential Surfing Gear: A Guide for Beginners

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Taking up surfing as a hobby costs an average of $640. Becoming a professional could earn you an average of $75,000 a year.

Grabbing a board is only the first essential step in gathering your surfing gear. You’ll need the right equipment to make your trip enjoyable before, during, and after you hit the waves.

Read on to learn about the essential surfing gear that every beginner needs.


The right board is the first item that comes to mind when you think of “essential surfing gear.” Choosing the right one is like a right of passage. Start with a board that’s at least seven feet long. You’ll have an easier time gathering speed and catching waves.

Go for a foam or soft top board because it’s easier to control. You can upgrade to a fiberglass or custom one when you get more experience.

Surf Wax

Wax your board before you begin any surfing trip. It improves grip and helps you balance. Check the temperature of the water first so you know what type of wax to use.

Surf Leash

A leash may seem like one of the stranger surfing accessories, but it helps keep you tied to your board when you’re practicing the fundamentals. It should be the same size or less than an inch longer than your board.


Waves are intimidating when you first go surfing, but a bodyboard can help you get used to them. You can practice standing up and can even try a few tricks before you bring out your board.

Wetsuit or Rash Guard

Skin lesions, especially in the feet, make up approximately 42% of all surfing injuries. High-quality surfing clothes are your best protection against them. You have two main options to choose from; a wetsuit or a rashguard.

A summer wetsuit can protect you in warmer climates. If you swim in colder waters, you may want to get booties in addition to your winter wetsuit.

Go to this link if you’d rather get a rash guard. It’ll protect your back from the sun and your chest from cuts and wax rash.

Poncho or Towel

You’ll need a few pieces of surfing gear for when you’re done with your trip and heading home.

A surfing poncho keeps you warm and comfortable while you drive home. Getting a beach towel will get rid of any sand or water. They both protect you while you change.

More Surfing Gear Tips

Gathering essential surfing gear isn’t difficult or expensive for beginners, but you’ll have a better time if you have the right equipment.

Start with a long foam or soft-top board. Use a surfing leash to keep yourself upright. Wax your board before you head out. Use a bodyboard to get used to the waves while you’re starting out.

Wear a wetsuit or rash guard to protect yourself from rashes and sunburns. Use a poncho or towel to dry yourself off before you go home.

Read the rest of our content for more surfing tips, including the best places to kitesurf.

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