Embarrassing questions about sex

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Even though sex is a natural act, a primal instinct, but still, there is so much shame surrounding the topic.

You cannot ask your parents about the pressing questions you have, because cringe, and your friends don’t always have the answers. You don’t know what the internet search will show, and which resource on the internet to trust. So, we have gathered the answers to some of the questions that might be brimming in your mind.

 Answers to your embarrassing questions

Why can’t I orgasm?

There is so much pressure about having an orgasm when it comes to sex. The stress of not orgasming can also be the reasons why your sexual performance is faltering; you can enjoy the experience of sex without necessarily having an orgasm.

 There can also be problems with your sexual health due to which you may be having a hard time enjoying your experience. In that case, you should talk to an expert like your sexologist in Lahore.

 For women, penetrative sex alone is not sufficient. It mostly involves clitoral stimulation. So, maybe, therein also lies the key.

 Can I work on improving my sex life?

Well, yes. Since sex is a form of physical activity, you can work on improving it by exercising otherwise. Cardio can help you with better stamina. Strength training can make your muscles stronger. Exercise overall helps with endurance.

 Women can also work on strengthening their pelvic floor muscles by doing Kegels and similar exercises that help in strengthening pelvic floor muscles.  These can help with improving their sexual experience alongside increasing the intensity of the orgasms. Women who have had babies through vaginal birth can especially benefit from Kegels. 

Is foreplay important?

It depends;sometimes, you are so aroused otherwise that you don’t really need foreplay. Other times, you need to get in the mood for it, for which you then need to do the necessary.

 Foreplay can be especially vital for women, since they need to be aroused for the sex to be pleasurable as otherwise, there might be a lack of lubrication. And so, just like warmup is vital before exercising, so is foreplay before sex. If your partner is in the wham-bam mood, you need to talk to them about your needs.

 Is there something as vaginal farts?

The passing of air from vagina is known as queef. Due to the repeated action of thrusting during sex, air can become trapped in the vagina, which can then pass out during orgasm, or during sex.In short, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. 

 Is G-spot a thing?

This question is still pending a conclusive answer. Whereas experts consider it to be a hoax, others think its true.

 The location of the G-spot is also debated. Some think G-spot is around in the front wall of the vagina, around 2 inches deep. Others think its farther back. So, it’s a matter of what you believe, essentially.

 And what about other farts?

Well, you can pass gas during sex otherwise as well. In case of penetrative sex, the thrusting motion of the penis rubs the vaginal wall, which as is in the proximity of the anus, can then cause farting. If it’s too bothersome for you, you can take anti-gas medication.

 Is watching porn going to affect my sex life?

Watching porn is not a matter of your moral and ethical values. There are many issues that porn and its potential addiction can lead to.

 Watching porn, which is neither a true representation of the sex life nor the sex organ, can cause people to have certain expectations from their sex life, which when are not met, can cause people to then feel disappointed.

 Furthermore, people then become dependent on watching porn for to get aroused, leading to sexual dysfunction problems that merit treatment from a sexologist in Karachi then. Hence, you should refrain from watching porn. 

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