Eight Effective Aggressive Marketing Strategies

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If you know the basics of advertising and marketing, you probably know that being too aggressive can make people think less of you.

However, there are some forms of aggressive advertising that, when utilized appropriately, are still quite effective. The idea is to ensure that all marketing activities target audiences who are predisposed to be interested in your advertisement or promotional offer. In other words, many individuals don’t mind when you shove your brand in their faces if you’re offering them something they may want.

Targeted Telemarketing

Note the emphasis placed on the word “targeted” in italics. Calling random people and attempting to deliver a sales pitch can be a frustrating waste of time if you are not a trained telemarketer. Believe it or not, professional telemarketing services such as Prospect Research are still highly efficient at generating leads. They are the leading telemarketing agency in the United Kingdom, assisting businesses in developing an audience-engaging strategy. Think about this: if telemarketing didn’t work, there wouldn’t be active call centers around the world doing it right now.

Circulating Printed Material

Walking up to random individuals and handing them business cards or brochures may be a bit too aggressive, but you may still create brand awareness in a stylish manner through more subtle and targeted methods. For instance, you can seek out local companies willing to display your business card or poster in their store, office, or lobby. Even though it can be tempting to spend all of your advertising money on online marketing, don’t forget that offline exposure is also important.

Leaving Comments on Posts and Videos on Social Media

Nobody enjoys comment spam, especially when it makes no sense and appears to have nothing to do with the post or video it’s placed under. If you have anything beneficial or entertaining to say, there is no regulation prohibiting you from leaving a large number of genuine comments around the web. Consider inventive methods to include your brand, slogan, or products or services into comments for simple piggybacking. If you can get people to like your comment and vote it to the top of a popular blog post or video, your brand could get a lot of attention in a short amount of time.

Distributing Promotional Emails to a Subscriber List

Creating a list of email subscribers who are truly interested in the material you provide can assist you in amassing a pool of qualified leads that you can access at any time. In today’s “discard to junk folder” environment, email marketing appears spammy and complicated, but the magic is in the conversion rate. A normal email list will have a conversion rate of between 1% and 4%, meaning that for every 1000 people who receive and open your email, 10 to 40 will take the required action. This may not seem remarkable, but the point is that it works, particularly at huge levels. You will not regret creating an email list in the future if you begin now.

Freebies and Contests

Offering free items is a tried-and-true method for building untargeted buzz about a company. In any case, there are several individuals who will sign up for anything that offers the opportunity to win a huge prize or sum of money. This is more of an awareness-raising strategy than a direct lead-gathering strategy. Nonetheless, the attention and exposure will always be advantageous in some way because they help your organization establish itself as an authority in your niche.

Promoting Brand Awareness at Events and in Congested Public Spaces

If you have ever visited a retail mall, fairground, or beach promenade, you have likely witnessed this type of pushy promotion. This strategy is often utilized by street performers and musicians to attract people in public spaces. The benefit of offline marketing is that pop-up blockers do not exist in real life. On the Internet, it is simple to ignore advertisements and continue browsing. When someone approaches you in person with a product sample or a brochure, it is more difficult to ignore them.

Launching a Referral/Affiliate Program

By launching your own affiliate program, you will activate an army of marketers that will conduct various sorts of aggressive marketing on your behalf, as the majority of affiliates will implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes aggressive marketing strategies. If you have no idea how this works, you simply offer affiliates an opportunity to promote your products or services, typically in the form of a commission or a portion of the sales they generate. You can check out here some of the high ticket recurring affiliate programs.

Employ a Team for Lead Generation

Similar to affiliate marketing, this phase will provide you with a team of experts to aggressively acquire and convert leads for your business. Instead of paying a commission on each transaction, however, you would pay a fixed cost per lead.

Typically, this is an effective method of marketing for firms seeking high-value clients, since they can afford to reward lead generating services properly, given that a single client will generate thousands of dollars in profit. Many companies may only charge you when they create a lead, but you will need to open an account with them and make an initial deposit to begin the campaign.

Each Marketing Strategy Has Its Positives

While some forms of advertising have received a negative reputation over the years, each has its place. As long as you use discretion to keep promotional efforts suitable and courteous, there are no restrictions on being outgoing and ambitious. Mix the eight strategies above into a more diverse marketing plan, and you will almost certainly see more leads and sales.


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