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Edit PDF Online as the Easiest Way of Editing Files

Edit PDF Online as the Easiest Way of Editing Files

A convenient format to save files is the PDF. Information in this format is easy to send and occupies minimal space. Formerly, PDFs were rarely editable. Updating the information in the files required creating a new one. But, now you can edit PDF files right from your browser, thanks to technology.

There are many document editor software for altering info in a document or erasing part of the content depending on relevancy. While some editors require installation on your device before use, we have advanced versions to edit PDF text online without pre-installation.

Editing PDF documents has become more common as the world gets digital. For you to learn more about how to edit PDF online, the benefits of online editors, and problems that may arise while using them, continue reading.

PDF Editing Has Never Been So Easy as it is Now

Do you always follow the long process of changing PDF documents to MS word before adding information or updating them? We have exciting news for you. There is always a perfect program to edit PDF files online from any browser. The process is pretty simple. 

Suppose you want to edit PDF in chrome.

By following these steps, you can simply update your file by the following steps.


  • Go to chrome and type the name of an edit PDF software you want to use, for example, www.luminpdf.com.
  • After selecting the software to use, many actions will pop up when the page opens. The action you choose depends on how you want to modify your PDF.

If you want to update the info in the file, choose edit PDF.

  • If the document you want to modify is on your PC, you can upload it. Some files are stored in cloud. To update a file in cloud, click on upload the file from the internet.
  • Choose the doc you want to update and once it loads, select an action from the options listed on the upper left side of your screen. Select whiteout and highlight the info to alter to update part of the information.
  • After deleting the info using whiteout, unselect the action and go to (T). Type the updated information and unselect T when done.
  • You can carry out any action on the document and make all the changes, such as highlighting, bolding, and annotation. When you need to undo an action, tap on restore.
  • After all the edits, click on download and save to encrypt all the changes on your new doc.
  • You can save it in your preferred location on the device or in the cloud.

What Problems Can Arise When Editing Files?

Many actions are taken after you edit PDF files online, but they are not always smooth. Most problems arise when printing, sharing, or adding images. Some software offers a limited number of documents to work on daily. Some common problems that can arise include:

  1. Some objects on the PDF file extend beyond the printable area. We add images to portable documents from desktops or PCs, and if the images are not compressed, they may cover the space beyond the margins. This results in a document missing some info in print form or having incomplete diagrams.
  2.  Distorted tables and diagrams. PDF files are a compressed form of word files, and when printing the files, most printers use the Word format, which distorts tables and graphs.
  3. A limited number of files to draft on an edit PDF app. Many  editor software allows you a certain number of files to edit in a day. If you are working on large docs and hit the limit, you have to wait until the next day, which causes inconvenience or delays in delivering files.
  4. Blurred images after printing. If you add a low-resolution annotation when you edit PDF online, it may lose its color shade after printing. To avoid this, it is advisable to add high-resolution images.
  5. Distorted font size. If the font you use in a document is not pre-installed in the device of the recipient of your file, they may have problems opening the file.

Why Online Format It’s Easy

It is easier and more convenient to edit text on PDF online than editing in word format.

  •  When using a PDF editing app, such as google docs edit PDF, you can access the file directly from the cloud or desktop.  There is no hassle of moving a file before modifying it saves time. 
  • Also, the changes you make on the file are automatically saved, so there is no fear of losing them in case of a power interruption or a technical hitch on your device.
  • While editing your file online, the document is kept secure, and once the changes are saved to the cloud, it gets deleted. This makes it easier to edit secured PDF without fear of losing the document to other app users.

Best Online PDF Editor Lumin

Lumin PDF is the best online editor for all your portable files. With this advanced yet user-friendly software, you can create and add value to your files from across devices. Plus, Lumin PDF is home to all your favorite tools. If you want to create or edit PDF doc and share it with your class, Lumin has you covered. 

Another attractive capability is an edit PDF google drive functionality integrated into this software where all the changes you make in a file are instantly synced to the cloud. While working on a project with a team, team members can access any changes as you edit PDF pages and make their observations and contributions.

Learners’ and tutors’ interaction on the internet is now simpler with this software. The edit PDF online merge capability allows tutors to enrich content to their files, and through the edit PDF download functionality, learners have the content on their devices. 


Editing PDFs online has made the creation, modification, and storage of data simpler and more secure. The online editor you choose should have all the features that meet your daily needs, such as workload and speed. 

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