“Dropshipping changed my life” the Israeli entrepreneur Lior Biton tells about the difficult path he went through until he became one of the most successful digital enterprises in Israel

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Lior Biton is a self-made man. He was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He started his journey when he was 16 years old and has been working tirelessly since then. He is an inspiration for the youth. He is a role model for people who think that they can get rich overnight.

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He started with a simple and small computer rental business. Two years down the lane and he was able to pay all the school loans. He then worked hard and shifted his business towards e-commerce. For people who know about e-commerce, dropshipping is a risky business model. Lior is a risk-taker. He started with dropshipping and quickly became the owner of the biggest e-commerce business in Israel. 

Motivation – Let the World Know 

Lior is a humble man. He does not shy away from the fact that he started little. He tells people to not be ashamed of any work. His success story is an eye-opener for people who are struggling in their careers or work. He grew, and succeeded but NEVER forgot where he started from. He urges people to remember their roots, this helps them stay humble and rooted. 

Reason for Success – Empathy! 

Sometimes, we wonder what helped Lior gain the success he has today. It was the selfless idea of helping others have a source of income without spending the two most precious things we have: money and time. 

After learning so much, he did not stop. He teaches dropshipping courses to others, does a lot of written work on the topic and also runs a podcast to help others. His book on dropshipping is an excellent guideline from which thousands and millions of people have already gained insight. Many people claim that the book and courses have helped them start their online business without spending a lot of money. 

Israel’s Pride

Lior Biton is the pride of the nation. He has helped bring Israel’s name to the forefront in the dropshipping business. His humbleness, dedication and empathy make him a star amongst the people! 

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