Dropping lederhosen braces to belts – the new trend for locals

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When it comes to a set of lederhosen, not many want to talk about the braces. But ask a Bavarian and they will tell you: no lederhosen is complete without its braces. The front and back section of the lederhosen is held up by leather straps, and they are what really makes these Alpine trousers look great. You can’t put on or take off a pair of lederhosen without them.

Nonetheless, when worn as a fashion item and not as a part of traditional costume, lederhosen are increasingly being paired with belts instead of braces. There are many reasons for pairing them with leather belts instead of suspenders these days. 

Reasons for not wearing suspenders

The fashion choices of the younger generation are heavily influenced by the older generation, which is why there are a couple of reasons why new Bavarian fashion styles are based on leather shorts. 

  • Firstly, lots of the new styles include elements such as casual tops, trainers, and trousers, but the hallmark H-shaped lederhosen braces are made to go with shirts, waistcoats, and blazers. For example, Munich locals often wear Bayern München strips with their lederhosen and leave the braces off so as not to detract from the top.
  • Secondly, you have to consider comfort. Lederhosen straps can be hard to work with and uncomfortable if they rub on your shoulders. Also, many Bavarians have trouble getting into and out of their lederhosen.
  •  Third, don’t wear suspenders when you wear a waistcoat; you won’t need them.

If you want to fit in with the locals at the Munich Oktoberfest and similar events, wear your lederhosen costume with a white shirt or Bavarian top rather than a checked one, and ditch the braces.

Replacing Lederhosen suspenders with leather belts

The traditional German trousers, lederhosen, are supposed to be worn loose and get looser as they are worn. The reason for this is that they were designed to be held up by braces.

You can keep your leather breeches from sliding down by replacing the belt loops with a wider belt. A black leather belt, which looks good with your office slacks, won’t work for this purpose. 

So if you do want to go all out Bavarian, wear the full Oktoberfest costume: lederhosen and a traditional belt. These belts are made of the same leather as lederhosen, are thick and broad, and have chunky buckles that match perfectly. If you already own a pair of lederhosen, there are plenty of other belts in different shades of leather that will match perfectly.

Other accessories you can pair your lederhosen with

Apart from suspenders and belts, there are other accessories men like to wear with lederhosen which are:

  • Traditional Hat 

Wearing a hat is a must at Oktoberfest. The best hats to wear are Alpine and Bavarian felt hats. These are soft to the touch and slightly flexible, but not so much that they’re floppy. Real Alpine hats are sized for comfort, unlike cheap Halloween costume style hats, which are usually one-size-fits-all.

Bavarian men often wear the same hat when they gather together in groups. There are many local clubs in Munich where members dress alike, and the most traditional hats are round and flat with a low profile. Most members prefer the Alpine hiker-style hat for its style and for the space it provides for attaching souvenirs.

  • Hat pins and feathers 

You should have one feather or tuft of hair on your hat, no more. The ostrich, peacock and other species of birds are known for their tail feathers. A feather or bundle of feathers on your hat means you are wealthy because it shows that you have high standing.

People often sew pewter pins to the side of their hats, which represent places they’ve traveled and interests they have. These pins can be great conversation starters, but they also add sentimental value to a hat, making it more likely that you’ll keep it safe.

These are some additional accessories people like to have when selecting their oktoberfest costume. You can also get these accessories available online and in stores.  

If you’re looking for lederhosen new in style, then many retailers are offering leather shorts with a belt instead of braces. You can get these accessories from the lederhosen sale 2022 at Lederhosens. They have fine quality of all the items and sell them at an affordable price.

Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide whether or not you like the idea of wearing a Bavarian belt instead of lederhosen braces. Weigh all of your options and make an informed decision as to whether this is something that you and your children would enjoy. If so, an easy way to do this is to ask the people that would actually be wearing them!

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