Don’t know what to do with your life? Tips for overcoming this feeling

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Not everyone has their lives figured out. Only the very few lucky ones know what they want to be when they grow up. They know what they are passionate about, and the rest are left trying to figure out life.

The pressure of not having things figured out can get to you then. The constant reminder that you don’t know what you want to do in and with your life can be cause a lot of anxiety and stress.

The toll on the mental health may also become severe enough to merit help from an expert like a Psychiatrist in Karachi.

If you are also in the same boat of being absolutely lost, do not worry. We have some tip and prompts that can help you in figuring out the direction that you can take in your life.

Tips in figuring out your what you should be doing with your life

Ask the right questions

Our brain is amazing. It can figure things out, provided that you give it the right command. So, asking the right questions can help your brain bring you the answers that your brain requires.

Try to ask yourself what interests you, what things excite you, what are your strengths, what prospects future holds for you, what would you like to see in your future life.

These questions might not necessarily bring to you the answers in terms of clear career choice, but it will give you clarity.

Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are a great way to ascertain where your strengths lie. Tests like Meyers Brigs and other personality tests can help you in realizing where your strengths are at.

Do your due

No one will whisper the answers in your ears. You need to work on finding some solutions yourself as well. Thanks to internet, finding information is perhaps the easiest thing to do.

So, try to find the answers. If you lack any skills that are getting in the way and your dream job, learn them. Invest in yourself. Rather than wasting time and being forlorn, utilize it better!

Don’t take things personally

People tend to feel bad when they get rejections, when they don’t get interview calls, when their job prospects become bleak. It may be easier said than done, but you need to stop taking things to heart.

The process of applications is a complicated one. There are many variables. A rejection does not mean that you were lacking, but it may mean that their requirement was entirely different. Take it as a matter of not being in sync with the company; it is not personal.

Talk to a career counselor

If nothing else is working, you can talk to a career counselor. Often, as lay people, we are not aware of the very many jobs that exist. It is after we talk to an expert do we realize that there is wide market for all sorts of skillsets.

Word of advice

At times, knowing what you want to be overrated. At times, the charm lies in trying to discover what you like, what you can do, in the pursuit of things that make you happy.

No one needs to confine themselves to merely one adjective, you can be multiple things at one time. So, if you don’t have all the answer, rejoice. Work on trying to unravel the mystery of your life. Celebrate each day and the element of surprise that it brings.

If you start pressurizing yourself for not knowing what you want to do with your life, it can become all very bleak, very quickly.

You will put yourself through undue stress and anxiety, that may even escalate to the point of requiring treatment from a mental health expert at Fauji Foundation Hospital. So, be kinder to yourself. All is well with your soul, even if you don’t have the answers!

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