Dogs of Instagram: How to Get More Followers for Your Pooch

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Can you believe that more than two billion people use Instagram every month?

While most of these accounts are for people, one trend that’s growing is getting more pets on social media. There’s no denying how much the internet appreciates cute or funny videos of dogs, cats, and other animals.

If you have a sweet pup who can brighten up people’s day, then you might be wondering what you can do to create a successful account for them. Keep reading this guide to learn the top tips on how the dogs of Instagram can get famous.

Dress Your Dog Up for Each Photo Shoot

One of the easiest ways that you can score more Instagram likes is to get your dog glammed up for each photo shoot. With the holidays coming around, you should get accessories like a dog Christmas bandana so your pet can be festive.

Pay attention to the scenery as well. You can play around with props like toys to make your photos more dynamic.

Use Popular Hashtags for Dogs on Instagram

Hashtags are the key to introducing your Instagram account to tons of new people, so you need to choose each one with care. There are lots of popular hashtags for dogs like #dogstagram, #dogoftheday, and even #tongueouttuesday.

You should also take advantage of high-traffic hashtags that aren’t specific to dogs. You can post an adorable photo of your dog as a puppy for #throwbackthursday.

Write Endearing Captions

With so many different pet accounts on social media, you need to make sure that every caption you post is clever so you can try to stand out.

A popular strategy is to write each caption from the perspective of the dog. You can use goofy language and emojis and even throw in some sass.

Engage With Other Pet Profiles

One of the lesser-known tricks for gaining more Instagram followers for your pet is to network with similar accounts. Spend some time browsing Instagram to find other pets and be sure to like and comment on these posts.

When their followers read the comment section, they can find your account and follow it if they like what they see. Try to write unique comments that will gain lots of likes and push your account to the top.

Know Your Pet’s Personality

The best part of owning a pet is that they all come with unique personalities. People follow pet accounts to stay in touch with the pets they find most lovable.

One of the largest dog accounts on Instagram is for a dog named Mr. Bubz. Instead of being a traditionally sweet and polished dog account, his posts are hilariously evil since he has a naughty personality.

This Is How the Dogs of Instagram Can Get Famous

Are you ready to shine a spotlight on your dog? After reading these tips on how the dogs of Instagram can get famous, you can look forward to growing their account.

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