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In the past 10 years the anime-licensed games have evolved substantially! What was once a fertile ground for games that were subpar and only licensed to sell additional copies has evolved into some of the most lucrative and well-known titles that are available in the marketplace! This shift in paradigm was due to one studio which determined to push the boundaries of what licensed games could accomplish with their phenomenal adaptation to the Shonen Jump franchise, Naruto. Over the course of a decade, CyberConnect2’s Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series made an immediate impression with stunning visuals and an adoration for the original source material, which resulted in a game series that sold 15 million copies across 6 installments! A game that attempts to replicate the same charm of this series is no easy task, but Demon Slayer Mobile Games: The Hinokami Chronicles is the spiritual successor that those who love the series are waiting for.

Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles is a 3D arena-based fighting game that was developed by CyberConnect2 and published by SEGA. Based on the original manga by Koyoharu Gotouge The series has become one of the most popular Shonen Jump series. It has an anime adaptation from UFOTOTALY, the most-grossing animated film of 2021 and now, a console video game created by a famous developer, it’s clear the Demon Slayer mobile games is an enormous hit for the anime community! All the stars align for Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chroniclesto be a great time, but can the game’s console debut meet this amazing high standard?


Demon Slayer Mobile Games: the Hinokami Chronicles retells the events of the Tanjiro Kamado, Unwavering Resolve Arc, all the way up down to Mugen Train arc. You control Tanjiro Kamado, whose world is completely turned upside down when he finds out that the entire family of his was killed by demons. The only person who survived is his sister, Nezuko however, he quickly learns that while Nezuko’s life was not affected and she survived, she became a demon. With newfound resolve, Tanjiro aspires to become a Demon Slayer to not only take down the demon that killed his family members, but to come up with a method to transform Nezuko back to human form.

It’s true that I’m not the biggest player of Demon Slayer mobile games. This isn’t to say the plot is bad because it isn’t the typical Shonen setting with a determined main character with a desire to motivate them throughout the entire series. It’s not a bad effort although I’ve heard similar stories before. With that said though, what makes Demon Slayer mobile games stand out and why I think it’s so popular is because of its varied cast of characters. They are fun to watch regardless of Zenitsu experiencing severe panic attacks over the most mundane things, Inosuke being a parody of other shonen characters who only think of fighting, Shinobu’s never-ending positive outlook to the point that it’s quite disturbing the list goes on! This also extends to the numerous enemies Tanjiro must face, who regularly come with a believable backstory to shed light on why they behave as they do.

Sadly, the weakest among our heroes is Tanjiro. I didn’t hate him, but he’s not all that fascinating. His unique characteristics include being a shrewd sense of smell, a hard head that’s frequently utilized to headbutt others, and… that’s all. As you might expect, his determination to never give up and has a good heart, but these kinds of characteristics are a dime dozen for protagonists within this type of story. What separates him is that his motivation is one of charity and he puts other people first, even to the point of constantly sharing his feelings with the demons that they defeat. This is a great way to understand his development! And before you ask, yes. Nezuko is adorable, and despite the fact she barely says anything she is the emotional core of the story and I was hoping for her to return to normal.

This is the most important question which is: can Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chroniclesserve as a excellent way to learn about an original story? The answer is complicated. The most important events in the story are covered within the game’s narrative, though it is definitely an abridged version of the story. Although I do appreciate the fact that the game provides an optional way to see scenes that are not included in the game , using the concept of Memory Fragments. The reason this happens is because some of them are getting locked out later on during the game, which means scenes that are near the beginning of the story get locked off until you reach a later stage in the story. It’s not a good idea. Regardless, the game is a solid way to get an abbreviated version of the Demon Slayer mobile gamesstory!

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Gameplay – Story Mode

Every arc of Demon Slayer Mobile Games: The Hinokami Chroniclesis separated into chapters. In order to get through the game, you’ll have to complete the entire eight chapters. It’s recommended to complete it, since it’s the quickest method to unlock all characters and stages you’ll use in the game’s against mode. It’s unfortunate it’s not exactly consistent. In Tanjiro’s search for his sister’s protection, you’ll see him exploring new environments, jumping over rooftops, and sliding across shrubbery. This sounds intriguing, isn’t it? But, the exploration portions are the weakest part of the game. Those interactive elements I just discussed can only be completed at specific locations. This is a strange choice considering how agile the characters that you’ll be controlling in cutscenes. The problem is that your character’s movements are at the same speed but at a very slow rate, with no method to increase your speed. There are side-questions you may tackle but calling them side quests is rather generous. They’re all about speaking to specific people or engaging with objects all of which appear in your map, taking away some of the excitement of fully exploring every environment.

It’s also a problem that the plot is usually slow too, with you often watching a ton of cutscenesand already explained adventure sections prior to fighting any monsters. However, those times when you’re forced to unclip your sword lead to one of the greatest moments of the campaign! This is especially true of the great boss fights in the game! All of these fights provide distinct elements to make the fight more exciting by using your movements to avoid big fights or taking on more than one boss at the same time. The fights come to an exquisitely-crafted interactivity cutscene that is based on CyberConnect2’s renowned quick-time events. It’s a tiny point here However, as impressive as these final sections of boss fights are, I was shocked to discover that some of these fast-time sequences require just only a couple of button presses, which is much unlike CyberConnect2’s past titles.

In addition to the main story You’ll also unlock unique demons to fight as you complete each chapter. While they’re completely optional I found them enjoyable due to their complexity and unique gameplay for example, the one that inflicts poison upon attack! It’s a good thing, as most of the single-player campaigns is simple. It’s not often that you die, as attacks are regularly communicated to players and are possible to avoid by timing them correctly. The game is thankfully more challenging towards the end however this issue will not hinder the fun boss encounters.

Gameplay – Combat System

The main draw to Demon Slayer Mobile Game What makes Demon Slayer Mobile Game unique: Hinokami Chroniclesis being able to play as your preferred characters in an action-packed fighting game. I’m delighted to announce that the combat system that the game has is without doubt one of its strengths! CyberConnect2 was not known for creating balanced combat systems and it took them a number of years of their Naruto Storm series to repair the broken techniques they introduced for example. The entire experience was fruitful though, as the mechanics and combat featured in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles are among the top games CyberConnect2 has ever designed!

Two characters are available to players and one of them acts as a support to help prolong combos or to protect your opponent from a combo. The battles are played in a 3D setting, which allows players to move anywhere within the arena. Movement is mainly done with ground dashes and sidesteps. The ground dash has homing properties, as do your assistance, however, when an opponent makes an sidestep, it’ll take away the homing property. The second character you choose to assist you however, you’ll also be able to switch places with them, which allows them to extend combos or make previously unreliable moves more effective. When you block attacks, it’s possible, it is also an option. You can also push block to add space between you and your opponent. Or, by using good timing, parry your opponent’s attack, leaving the opponent wide open to the possibility of a combo. On top of that you’ll have a blue gauge used to perform special attacks as well as an extra gauge that you can spend to use your best attack or improve your speed and attack for a short period of time.

In addition to the combat options, there are more advanced techniques to play with. At any moment, you could rewind an attack string by jumping, sidestepping or dashing. You can do this by using 1 bar of the blue bar of your meter. This is the same meter that you use to perform special attacks, and since you can only keep a maximum of five bars, you must be aware of how you make use of it. When you hit the combo you want to, based on the attack you choose to start with the small wheel with a color is visible on the side of your combo meter. This is how long you can attack your opponent until they will stop being damaged. When the gauge reads green, which is typically when you successfully fend off your opponent, you could perform a lengthy combo. In the case of a gauge that is red, that is the norm when fighting an opponent from the air the time you are able to damage the opponent is significantly reduced. When all of the above is combined and it produces one of the most entertaining fighting games I’ve played for over a decade! It’s easy to learn to play, though there’s enough depth to satiate those who are looking for it. I could definitely imagine myself playing Demon Slayer Mobile Games: the Hinokami Chroniclesfor quite some time!


It’s not perfect though there are two significant issues that detract from the overall quality of the system. The first concern is the roster of characters: at launch, there are 12 playable characters to choose from, with six of them receiving an alternative version that has more humorous ultimate attack. It’s not unusual for a game of fighting to have a limited roster of characters, but because certain characters feature very similar special attacks between each other, it leads me to think that the game was originally designed to have a larger starting list of characters, but it was forced to launch now. This belief is reinforced by the anime adaptation of Demon Slayer Mobile Games beginning its anticipated second season a week before the game’s launch. The good news is that we’ve confirmed that this game is going to get 6 DLC characters for free This means that this roster deficiency will not be a problem longer.

Another issue is a bigger issue, one that could impact the game’s performance if it’s not fixed. The PlayStation 4 version I’ve experienced and was frequently shared by numerous players that there’s a noticeable input delay when entering moves during the battle. It’s not just a matter of online play, but it also happens in the local game. This means that a player’s reaction time is significantly hindered and in a game that demands precise timing to parry moves, how this problem made it through testing is confusing! While reports of this delay being present in other versions of the game, such as PlayStation 5 and PC PlayStation 5 and PC are not compatible, it’s believed that the latest generation of hardware does not have this input delay. It is our only hope that this issue of delay will be fixed for the PlayStation 4 , even though it’s not a guarantee.

Gameplay – Online

Being someone who’s spent a number of years playing online games by CyberConnect2 I’m extremely aware of how their games perform and unfortunately, their results are a bit skewed. For many years they’ve continuously improved the online options offered to players, including creating lobbies and tournaments, and a spectator mode. However, the time Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 was released in 2016, a lot of the options that were available to players were lacking. There was no way to make lobbies for more than four people, and spectating matches could not longer be done. This was corrected during the games “Road to Boruto” expansion in the year following and you’d think the studio learned from their mistakes and aim to not skimp on online play options for their sequels, right? However… Let’s think that they’ve come up with an avenue for online gaming to be even more restricted!

There are only two ways to play online. Ranked matches to show your superiority in its ranking system, and custom matches in which you can alter various options and invite friends to join in… That’s it. I’ve met some amazing players through playing games on CyberConnect2 online, which was thanks to their previous fighting game titles with online lobbying and spectating options. With the removal of these features and giving us the barebone options The community of Demon Slayer Mobile Games and the Hinokami Chroniclesis really going be harmed in the long term! For example, there will be no easy way to organize tournaments online which could ultimately harm the competitive nature of the game. Much like the problem of input delay in PlayStation 4, we can only hope that these options are added to the game down the road.

In the context of that delay-related issue with inputs Let’s look at its netcode. The game is based on a delay netcode, which has resulted in a fair number of gamers to collectively sigh. Based on the connection to the opponent you’ll either have a decent battle or play a game with huge input delay. When you add the game’s current input delay problem to its PlayStation 4 version, you can be afflicted with an insane amount of input delay while fighting online! I’ve been through a lot of online battles against people from my region and while I got used to this, all will be able to play with this.

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If there’s a single area where CyberConnect2 never fails to impress in, it’s their presentation of their games, and Demon Slayer Mobile Games: The Hinokami Chroniclesis no exception. The game is simply stunning! Cel shades have developed drastically in the last two decades and some of the most effective use of this style have blurred the distinction between 2D as well as 3D animated. It was often necessary to lift my jaw off the floor due to the accuracy with which the scenes and characters were reconstructed from the original anime, and in some instances, the game completely outclasses it! And when you consider that CyberConnect2’s efforts are compared to ufotable, one of the most acclaimed animation studios in the anime industry, that speaks volumes! I had to constantly keep in mind that this was not a 2D animated game, due to the way in which the art style of the anime transitioned to a 3D space! The animation in all its forms, whether a humorous story sequence or an ultimate assault with incredible production values, was outstanding! The game isn’t perfect, however: while the environments you’ll explore when playing the Story mode unique and bursting with detail, I noticed the occasional moments of texture popping-in. But this is a minor issue when you consider how stunning the game appears when it’s in motion!

Surprisinglyenough, the loading times were very respectable even on the PlayStation 4. It took about 10 to 15 seconds, no matter if it was a cutscene in the story mode or a multiplayer match which is a huge credit to the performance improvement on older platforms! The game is played at a solid 30 frames a second. While some people will scoff at that, especially considering it being a fighting game, I thought it gave the game a cinematic feeling and made it more in line with the original material!

The music is also a bonus! In addition to the fact that the game utilize some of the pieces from the now-famous anime soundtrack, the original compositions to the game perfectly reflect the tone too and I never got tired of hearing the same battle music while playing with my friends online for more than 20 matches in consecutive matches! In a rare step to have a licensed anime title it also comes with an audio track that has both English in addition to Japanese voice actors available straight out of the box. Although I initially was watching the anime in its original Japanese language, the English voice cast does a solid job and featuring Bryce Papenbrook as Inosuke being a clear highlight for me! It’s no effortless to portray Inosuke’s chaotic energy however I believe Byrce was absolutely perfect in his performance! However, I must discuss Zach Aguilar’s portrayal in the protagonist of the show, Tanjiro. Although he does a good job for the most part, whenever he had to shout or express strong emotions such as crying or anger but the delivery and tone do not reflect the rest of his acting. It was to the point where at these times it was almost as if the character he played was a different character. It was highly distracting!


To be honest to you that I’m between two worlds in a difficult spot when it comes to Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles. This is a 3D fighting game from one of my top game studios with a popular anime franchise behind it. it sold me from the first moment it was announced at the beginning of March in 2020! The fact that it was released with one of the favorite gaming companies SEGA and SEGA, certainly didn’t help too! I’ll admitit, I had a blast of a time playing it although I’m not the biggest fan of Demon Slayer mobile games in comparison to Naruto, but there are some inexcusable problems that hinder it from excellence. There is no online option as well as the input delay as well as the slow-paced narrative deter me from making a solid recommendation, but I am confident more than anyone that there’s a market out there for a game like this.

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