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Common Back Problems and Their Management

Common Back Problems and Their Management

The spinal cord provides major support to the body. It has been observed that now more people are having complaints of back pains and spinal concerns. Even the younger generation nowadays has developed several spinal issues that were once thought to be related to old-age issues. If back pain lasts for at least three months, it is considered to be chronic and the sufferer should seek medical consultation. Back pain can be a result of the wrong posture, lifting heavy weights, inappropriate sleeping position, remaining in the same position for a longer time like sitting in the office, inactivity, injury, and other such events.

Back Problems

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Common Back Problems

Some of the common back problems that patients complain of include;

  • Muscle aching to a shelling, burning, or stabbing sensation.
  • Sharp lower back pain that leads upwards along the spinal track
  • Stabbing pain while bending down
  • The swollen lower back area
  • Inability to perform daily operations due to severe backache

These are mere the complaints that people have, the medically researched common back problems include;

  • Spinal arthritis is the steady thinning of the cartilage inside the spine
  • Spinal stenosis, contraction of the spinal track leading to nerve pain
  • Disc problems include issues like herniated or bulging disc
  • Myofascial pain syndrome includes unexplained muscle pain and tenderness, causing severe pain

Causes of Back Pain

The common causes of the back pain include;

  • Muscle or ligament strain occurs due to constantly lifting heavyweights.
  • A bulging disc is another cause of back pain in which the cushioning between the intervertebral columns ruptures thus causing pain while performing regular tasks.
  • Arthritis is a common spinal disease, mostly genetic, that affects the lower back.
  • Osteoporosis is a condition more common among women, in which the spinal bones become brittle and porous.

Causes of Back Pain

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How to Manage Back Pain

Most of the time, physicians suggest managing the back pain through non-surgical procedures. Spinal surgeries take much time in recovery thus leaving the patient in a helpless condition. The first step to managing the back pain is to align the body position for which the patient can take the help of a spine corrector at Pilates Health Equipment. Some other regular back management techniques are;

How to Manage Back Pain

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See a physiotherapist and learn which exercises would be feasible for you to manage the back pain. Regular, low-impact, aerobic exercises can increase the strength of your back and can reduce back pain by 50%. Abdominal muscle and back muscle exercises can also help to build the muscle tone thus providing support and flexibility to your back.


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Maintain Your Posture

Be smart in managing your daily postural routine. Stand smart, sit smart, and lift smart. Being smart means maintaining an active straight body posture without being lazy, slouchy, or sluggish. Good posture can lessen the strain on back muscles and reduce the backache.

Maintain Your Posture

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Maintain Weight ad Activity

Being overweight can be a burden on your spine, thus try to maintain a healthy weight and keep a routine for physical activity. A healthy lifestyle can help you to live better and longer.

Maintain Weight ad Activity

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