Choose Windows Shared Hosting For a Better Website Growth

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Are you looking to host your newly designed website? 

Do you wish to host your website on the most reliable yet cheapest web hosting server?

Or, Do you wish to give a kick-start to your website on the Internet?

If any such is the case of yours, you are on the right page. Here we are going to discuss the Windows shared hosting that can be the perfect web hosting solution for your website.

Also, we have mentioned insights into one of the industry-leading web hosting companies, which offers the best and cheap Windows shared hosting plans – Hostbillo. Let’s first begin with apprehending the meaning and working of the Windows shared hosting. 

Everything about windows shared Hosting 

Windows shared hosting is the type of shared hosting that runs the Windows operating system at the base of the hosting server. Moreover, under the shared Windows server hosting, you share the server space and resources with many other users. You host your website in a shared environment with the required web resources. Further, sharing of server resources and space makes the overall cost of the Windows shared hosting plan much low. 

shared hosting is highly cost-effective and ideal for small-scale websites, local businesses, and newly build websites that do not require many resources initially. So, you do not have to invest a high amount of money on a high-level web hosting solution until actually required by your website. 

Further, when your website will outreach or surpass the maximum limits of your plan, you can easily upgrade and migrate to a higher web hosting plan. Also, with shared server hosting, you do not get any responsibility for running, managing or controlling your web hosting server. 

Your web host takes care of all the server-related things. And, you can keep your entire focus on growing your website efficiently.

How Windows Shared Hosting Helps Businesses to Grow Faster

You must know that Windows shared hosting has a lot ot offer because of its underlying operating system. Windows is the most prevalent and popular operating system. It is becoming a more and more obvious choice of users in the web hosting industry. 

Further, with the Windows server web hosting, one gets the huge support of HTML files. This serves as a good reason to opt for the shared Windows hosting. Moreover, let’s see some of the key benefits of Windows shared hosting which make hosting a website smooth and steady at the most affordable price. 

The .Net Framework

shared hosting is a platform widely employed and favorably recommended for small businesses. Any business website owner can rely on the best Windows hosting plans. The shared hosting with Windows enables you to easily construct your website on a .Net visual basic language. 

Compatibility and Ranging Support

You can pick Windows shared web hosting without any second thought when it comes to bringing powerful software. It enables the developers to easily build and run custom software that is user-friendly and highly compatible. On the other side, you also receive the 24/7 support service with your web hosting. This helps resolve an issue right away in case any occurs. 

Extensions on the Front Page

The most reliable and top-leading Windows shared hosting providers let you host your website comfortably with the Windows OS. They provide the rich Microsoft frontpage web design program that comes on your front page. This helps you handle the tasks quite straightforwardly. 

Easy to Use

With the shared hosting platform, you obtain the freedom to employ the web resources with utmost ease while sharing them with your neighboring users’ websites. 

Moreover, it becomes easier for you to utilize services as Windows is the most familiar environment. Even if someone has never worked with the Windows platform, they can become friendly with it quickly.

Access Compatibility

Windows hosting plans are the perfect options if you desire or need to employ the data of your database with ultimate ease. The shared hosting with Windows does not make you invest much effort to discover data. It comes with compatible software accessibility for you. 


Among the existing web hosting solutions, Windows shared hosting service is the most inexpensive option available. This implies that you can acquire high-grade resources at the cheap pricing with it, even from the top-notch web hosts.

About Hostbillo Hosting Solutions

To get the most trustworthy and hyper-scale Windows shared hosting services, you can seek Hostbillo web hosting company. Hostbillo is the most renowned web host worldwide. It is highly recognized for rendering the intense and best-in-class facilities with Windows shared hosting at the cheapest pricing possible. At Hostbillo, you get the following privileges with the shared Windows hosting –

  • 7-day credit back guarantee 
  • 24/7/365 customer and technical assistance via a team of proficient professionals and experts
  • Free Sofculous one-click installer
  • Free SSL certificate for your website
  • Weekly data backup services
  • High scalability 
  • Advanced data security features and much more


Windows shared hosting is your ideal choice if you seek high-level resources with the leading services at cheap prices. It enables you to enjoy world-class hosting services with a small investment. Further, you can browse Hostbillo’s official website to gain additional details about the best Windows hosting plans.

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