Home Business CENTRAL – A Revolutionary Brand Transforming the Meaning of Luxury Living

CENTRAL – A Revolutionary Brand Transforming the Meaning of Luxury Living

CENTRAL – A Revolutionary Brand Transforming the Meaning of Luxury Living

New York City is the hub of life and all things exciting on America’s east coast. As a bustling and lively city with hundreds of thousands of people working hard to live and breathe the American dream better lifestyle, New York City is the place to be when you want to become somebody from a nobody.

Nobody understands this better than Stephen Jemal, a real estate developer in NYC who has lived his entire life in, and dedicated it, to this great city. From wonderful skyscrapers to intimate small shops, New York City has small and large business buildings that make it one of the world’s main commercial, cultural, and financial centers. The city is divided into five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens. Out of all five, the most wanted location for luxury living remains to be Manhattan since it is built in a prime location with a variety of business offices, classic buildings, and renowned establishments.

Manhattan lies in the heart of New York City, an elite-exclusive area in the large population that is home to the Empire State Building and Central Park. It is a highly desirable location in New York City that can only be experienced living life as a multi-millionaire in America. 

However, all of that is set to change with Stephen and Norman Jemal’s budding real estate project that aims to capitalize on a niche that has been ignored by developers for years. They have come up with a plan that will enable New Yorkers that work hard every day to make their dreams come true to life. By allowing them to live at properties that fulfill their unique vision and support their lifestyle, Stephen and Norman Jemal hope to provide the upper working-class with a lavish lifestyle previously only available to New York’s elite.

CENTRAL – A Real Estate Development Plan That Will Change Luxury Living Forever 

New York City is a prime location where business owners and large-scale investors live and grow their operations. However, it isn’t just a fantastic location for established businesses and jobs; it’s the golden land of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers. Even though they might be successful in their field and in the process of achieving something truly great for themselves, they are unable to achieve a good deal for their living space. 

A single studio apartment with minimum amenities costs an exorbitant amount that leaves little to nothing for a young entrepreneur who wants to make it big but live life large as well. Similarly, a young college student looking for a good rental space in Manhattan, New York City, has to pay a ridiculous amount of rent for a substandard space that doesn’t meet the par for comfortable living.

When Stephen Jemal realized this disparity in the lifestyles of the elite and the upper working-class, he wanted to devise a method to allow the latter a chance to experience and live the life they’ve always dreamt of. To fulfill that vision, Jemal along with his son, Norman Jemal, and the top professionals in NYC have very well organized a plan for affordable luxurious living. 

The concept for CENTRAL can be best understood by its trademark pending slogan, “Live, Work, Be Well”. CENTRAL has been planned to be designed with maximum amenities needed to support a healthy, productive, and fun lifestyle. Catered to the entrepreneurial and hardworking youth of today, this project aims to provide a business space within the living premises as well as a gym, entertainment sections, organic restaurants, and eateries.

The Idea and Work Behind CENTRAL

The idea for CENTRAL came due to Stephen’s keen observation of the demand for affordable yet comfortable living housing. Most original residents in Manhattan have been driven out to the outlying boroughs as real estate developers fail to come up with a viable solution to the problem. As an honorable citizen of the United States of America, Stephen Jemal wanted to give back to the community that provided him with so much and build a space where they could live, work, and be well. 

The plans for central have been devised and checked by professional architects, attorneys, building experts, real estate development professionals, and more. Stephen Jemal spared no expense and left no stone unturned as he sought the crème de la crème for this unique project with world-class experts and admirable professionals. He will also be joining forces with Alex Elkin, the founder and owner of Eastbound Construction, who is a highly dependable and experienced individual in the field of New York City real estate construction.


CENTRAL is a multi-building apartment project supported by JemRock Organization that will allow residents to live affordably in one of Manhattan’s most desirable locations. The project has been designed to empower individuals, couples, and families with six-figure incomes by providing them with lifestyle and amenities they couldn’t dream of at an affordable cost. 

The Team Behind CENTRAL

JemRock Organization is the company supporting CENTRAL with Stephen Jemal and Norman Jemal, COO of JemRock Organization, spearheading the project. Along with a highly experienced, credentialed, and an accomplished team committed to CENTRAL’s vision, Stephen Jemal wants to reach for the stars with his master plan.

CENTRAL mightay be Stephen Jemal’s biggest and most ambitious project, but it isn’t the only one he has successfully completed over his career spanning of 50+ years. He was the founder of the popular business brand “Nobody Beats the Wiz” which revolutionized buying software and hardware by introducing discounts for the products and offering guarantees. Stephen Jemal isn’t just an experienced businessman in the electronics and retail industry but has also developed many commercial scale and residential real estate projects over the years. This allowed him to build a network of reliable, knowledgeable, and highly competent professionals who were ready to be on board once they heard about the promising future for CENTRAL.

According to Stephen Jemal’s father, by whom he is greatly inspired, “There must be a differentiator or differentiating factor in your business. Without that, your company will only be a run-of-the-mill business that copies other people’s ideas”. The novel CENTRAL phenomenon was created by Stephen and Norman Jemal after four years of intensive and studious research into the Manhattan area and its housing projects. After its completion, the project has high hopes for national as well as international expansion. 

Final Thoughts

Stephen and Norman Jemal will be launching the CENTRAL project soon to for the public. The team will create hype by detailing all the amenities CENTRAL has to offer and why it is THE place to live in New York City. With a grand launch planned along with extensive marketing and advertising effortsfor the brand, Stephen Jemal plans to bring his best game to the playing field and blow away the competition by capitalizing on an opportunity no competitor could ever dream of. 

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