Can I put a computer on a glass desk – Eureka Ergonomic Says Yes

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A glass gaming desk is stronger and more durable than you think, meaning you can easily put a computer on top of it, plus many other gaming and work accessories. Check them out here. 

Putting your computer on top of your desk is a good way to save space underneath. If you need extra legroom, this is a smart thing to do – and it also lets you see your beautiful PC next to the monitor. Moreover, keeping a computer on the floor can make it more likely that dust will get clogged inside and cause overheating problems. So, having it on a desk makes a lot of sense.  

One common question people have is whether or not you can put a computer on a glass gaming desk. The worry is that the glass won’t be able to handle the weight for an extended period, leading to cracks and shattering. Realistically, this shouldn’t be a concern. At Eureka Ergonomic, we own a manufacturing plant in China where we physically construct and make our glass gaming desks. They are designed for long gaming sessions, meaning they will absolutely be able to withstand the weight of a computer. Read on to learn more! 

Tempered glass construction 

Truthfully, there could be a gaming glass desk out there that doesn’t support the weight of a computer. However, this would be down to the poor build quality of that desk. All of our glass gaming desks are constructed using tempered glass. We have four different offerings for you to look at:  

  • Gaming Desk: GTG 43″ Spectrum RGB Glass 
  • Gaming Desk: GTG-L60 60″ Spectrum Rgb Reversible L Shape Glass 
  • Glass Standing Desk: GTG 47″ Spectrum Rgb, Black 
  • Glass Standing Desk: GTG-EVO 55″ Spectrum Rgb Computer Case, Black 

Each desk comes in a different size or style, but they are all made with the same tempered glass surface. The benefit of this construction is that tempered glass is created using different treatments to increase its strength. Unlike regular glass, it will be far more durable and has the ability to withstand heavier loads.  

In fact, the strength of our tempered glass can be greater than other common gaming desk materials – like fiberboard or wood. Sometimes, if you were to place a heavy PC on one of these other desks, you could see dents made in the surface over time. But, with a glass gaming desk, the surface can handle weights up to 330lbs – depending on the desk you have chosen. Both our L-shaped gaming desk and the 43” small gaming desk can withstand this weight. Our standing glass gaming desks can’t handle as much weight, but they are still capable of carrying 200lbs with no problems.  

How much does a computer weigh? 


To give context behind the strength of our tempered glass gaming desks, you should consider how much a computer weighs. Here, we are talking about the PC tower itself, but also the weight of a monitor.  

A typical gaming PC tower can weigh around 22lbs. When it comes to the monitor, a 28-inch one (which is usually the maximum size you want for a gaming monitor) can be around 15lbs. Put together, the setup will weigh just under 40lbs. As you can see, this is clearly way below the maximum weight capacity of a tempered glass gaming desk. In fact, you can happily put a PC and two monitors on one of our desks with on issues at all. For the L-shaped glass desk, you could have a PC tower and monitor on each section and it will still be well below what the glass can handle.   

This also means there’s more than enough added weight for you to put other things on the desk – such as a games console, speakers; you name it.  

Should you put a computer on a glass desk? 

Whether or not you should put your PC on a glass desk depends on the alternative solutions. If you want to keep your desk bare, then it is better to have it on the ground. But, be sure you place it on a stand so it is raised off the floor to avoid dust and overheating.  

Nevertheless, if you have space on your glass desk, then it makes sense to put your computer on it. The glass can withstand the weight, and the cool nature of the material can prevent overheating.  

Regardless, you do not have to worry about a glass gaming desk breaking under the weight of a computer. It is 100% safe for you to put yours ontop of any of the desks we sell, whether it’s a standing glass gaming desk or one of our standard seated varieties.

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