Can Hypnosis Hurt a Person?

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Hypnosis is referred to by specialists as hypnotherapy or a suggestion to hypnotize a person, in particular to treat psychological problems or quit being vicious, like alcohol or smoke. If you are inside a session of hypnosis, it is important to stay calm and relaxed, and open to follow the suggestions.

Can be used to help persons to gain more control and an important method for stopping or relaxing anxiety and depression. Is important to be open for start hypnosis sessions, to stop losing control over your behavior.

What is clear about hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective method for coping with stress and anxiety. In particular cases, hypnosis has success during sessions to reduce stress and anxiety before doing a medical procedure.

Hypnosis has been studied for other benefits can be included, look:

  • Have more control: Hypnosis helps with pain due a lot of conditions, like cancer, fibromyalgia, dental procedures and headaches;
  • Hot flashes: Hypnosis can be active in the symptoms of hot flashes and can be associated for womens during the state of menopause;
  • Behavior change: Has been used and with a higher quantity of success for treat insomnia, smoking and overeating;
  • Mental conditions: Hypnosis may help to treat symptoms associated with anxiety or depression, and other diary conditions in life, an example of stress caused by excessive journeys to work.

Hypnosis can be a risk for people?

The orientation is to start a process for hypnosis always with the conduction of a therapist, studied and in possession of the conditions to exercise sessions of hypnosis.

Also, hypnosis can be not appropriate for people having severe mental illness. Some reactions to hypnosis can appear, but in general are rare. Look:

  • Anxiety or distress;
  • Headache;
  • Start to create illusions or false memories;
  • Dizziness.

Stay cautious during the process of hypnosis, because the method can be proposed to work in some events earlier in life. This practice may cause strong emotions and vibrations, in particular starting to create false memories.

How you prepare

Is not necessary to start preparation for hypnosis. But, you can have a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and help you during the session to just relax. 

Look to choose a therapist or health care professional who has to be certified to perform hypnosis. Learn about the experience and conditions of the therapist before starting sessions. Always considered this questions:

  • Check if the professional are licensed and special in his state;
  • Trained in medicine, psychology or social work;
  • What organizations the professional has worked;
  • Your fees and insurances cover for offered services.

What can you expect

Your therapist will explain for you before starting the process and sessions, all you need to know about the treatment and the goals you want. The therapist can describe with images your sessions. The patient always has to feel relaxed and safe.

When you enter a receptive state, the therapist will suggest ways for you to achieve more of your goals, like reducing pain or eliminating smoke. The therapist has an objective to amplify your mentality.

Look when the session finishes, either you are able to bring yourself out of hypnosis and help you during the state to relax. Contraried the report and news appeared during the journals and media, hypnosis don’t have interference in a state for lose control when you are under the state of trance.

If you are not prepared yet, eventually you can start with a self-session of hypnosis, because other people have the responsibility to conduct you in a state of trance and have to do this with higher security.

Results to considerate and what have to improve

During the effect of hypnosis, the hypnotherapeut has to help his client to keep better in the state of depression or anxiety, considered from the first line until the final effects, like if the hypnosis was good to stop smoke or not.

Hypnosis doesn’t have all the results for everyone, for some people this treatment is very good and for other people it results in nothing or increases the process of depression. If the second thing happened, sessions have absolutely abandoned.

For some therapists, hypnosis is more than that, but more likely to get benefits from hypnosis.

Can hypnosis cause mental illness?

Many specialists say not to use technicals like hypnosis when the patient has certain types of disorder in his personality, because this condition can make your situation worse.

Check first with the specialist if you have or not a personality disorder. If the person shows different compartments during a day, like a transaction to happy style to sadness, the hypnosis should not be appropriate for you.

After reading all of this article, do you consider hypnosis dangerous to hurt a person or not? Comment below.

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