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  • Boundry Crossing
  • Logline: A story of four gay guys trying to find out what they really want from their lives.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Friendship, Romance, LGBTQ, 陸劇線上看
  • Cast: Fandy Fan, Zach Lu, Nick Yang, Patrick Shih

As I’ve already said, each season of the HIStory series has between two and three unique tales that have nothing to do with one another in any way. Because of this, you will see that two separate episodes from the same drama series are occupying two different slots on our list. Dramasq

It’s safe to say that ‘HIStory 2: Boundary Crossing’ is a type of coming-of-age narrative about four boys who are trying to find out who they are and how they fit in with the world around them.

The plot centres on two homosexual couples, Xia Yu Hao and Qiu Zi Xuan, who initially have a contentious relationship with one another but end up becoming closer to one another over the course of the tale. The second coupling is comprised of Wang Zhen Wu and Wang Zhen Wen, both of whom are stepbrothers. 中國人線上看

If you like dramatic stories like this one, you may want to check out another one from the current season called “HIStory2: Right or Wrong.” Also, take a look at that.

Overall: Lost You Forever is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Lost You Forever cast: Yang Zi, Zhang Wan Yi, Deng Wei. Lost You Forever Release Date: 2023. Lost You Forever Episodes: 40.

  1. Lost You Forever Detail

This Taiwanese drama is evidence that if a plot is compelling, people will enjoy it regardless of how long it has been around, as this show has done. Bigg Boss 16 voot

The protagonist, Han Qi Luo, is a very reserved art student, while the other main character, Chen Ling, is a well-liked playboy. Both find one other by chance, and their subsequent mutual assistance forges a link between them.

However, they both have hidden scars from their pasts, which they will need to confront and work through in order to be able to achieve true love and happiness in their lives.

On YouTube, you may find all 21 episodes of the show ‘MARS,’ which you can watch.

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