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Astrological significance of Sandalwood

Astrological significance of Sandalwood

Everyone interested in Vedic astrology is well acquainted with the term ‘Sandalwood’ or ‘Chandan.’ It is believed that Sandalwood has magical significance and numerous positive qualities. Due to its magical qualities, real Chandan is high in demand and very expensive. 

Definition of Sandalwood

The sandal is extracted from the sandalwood tree. The original sandal is found inside the tree trunk and is in great demand. The sandal is a very soft wood with significant benefits to maintaining good health. Moreover, the wood has a nice fragrance. Sandalwood is used for medicinal purposes, beauty, and several other reasons. In Hindu culture, every puja will be incomplete without Chandan. Therefore, it can be said that Sandalwood enhances health and beauty and solves life’s problems. 

Uses of Sandalwood for beauty purposes

  • Pimples or the stains of pimples can reduce your beauty. The sandal can be an effective remedy to get clear and glowing skin. Take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Mis it well and apply it to the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, wash your face well. Using it regularly can effectively distract pimples, soften your skin, and enhance your beauty. 
  • Applying sandalwood powder can also be good for your sunburnt skin. The Sun rays make our skin black, and there might be black spots on your skin. You can mix four teaspoons of sandalwood powder, five teaspoons of coconut oil, and two teaspoons of almond oil and apply it to the parts of your skin. This paste will necessarily reduce the black spots, and you can get a bright skin tone.
  • You can apply the paste of sandalwood powder and saffron to your forehead if you have been suffering from headaches. This paste has medicinal value, according to Ayurveda, in reducing pain. 
  • If possible, apply a sandal paste all over your body before baths. According to the best Indian astrologers, it will prevent germs and diseases and eliminate all kinds of skin diseases. 
  • The application of sandalwood powder, turmeric, and lemon juice can relieve you from skin allergies and itching. Therefore, Sandalwood works also as a prominent antibiotic. 
  • Ayurveda considers that applying a sandalwood dot on the forehead will calm your mind and increase your intellectual capability by providing positive vibes within you. 

Astrological value of Sandalwood

  • Vedic astrology believes that you can collect the root of a sandalwood tree, Ravi Pushya or Guru Pushya yoga, and keep it in a safe place. It is believed to bring financial success and prosperity to your life. 
  • Sandalwood can be a good remedy to control your enemies and lead a happy life if you are affected by your enemies. Vedic astrologers suggest chanting mantras of goddess Kali during Navaratri and offering a garland of red Sandalwood. You can get blessings from the goddess and win over your enemies. 
  • If your enemy is creating too much trouble in your life and career, astrologers suggest taking sandalwood ink on a bhojoatr and writing your enemy’s name on it. You can also put their photos on the bhojpatr if you have any. On an Amavasya, you must dip the leaf in honey and bury the bottle in a cremation ground. Doing this will weaken your enemies, and they can’t devastate your life anymore. 
  • People having Sarpoa Dosha can offer Chandan to the Nag devta in any temple. It will improve their lives and bring more success. 
  • If you don’t have good savings, you can apply some red sandal powder to your locker and keep a red cloth over the sandal powder. It will increase your earnings, and you can have good savings after that. 
  • Sandalwood also has a magical quality in strengthening bonds between couples. You have to make sandalwood ink and a photo having both of you. Then, dip the photos in honey and Chandan after writing your names on its backsides. Keep the pictures in a safe place, and you can also put them safely into a bottle. Astrologers believe that this remedy can improve love and trust for each other and will make your bond stronger. You can choose any Friday or a full moon night to perform this remedy. Choosing any Navatratri night is also a good choice to perform this. 


Therefore, if you have good knowledge about the medicinal and astrological benefits of using Sandalwood in daily life, you can enjoy a better life by using it for several purposes. Sandalwood is a proven astrological wood with significant astrological value. Vedic astrology considers it an inevitable part of daily life. If you want to know more about magical wood, you can take guidance from our best astrologer online & Talk to Astrologer services. He can guide you about the right usage of Sandalwood for you to get positivity back in your life. 

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