A Brief Look at the Fascinating History of the US Navy

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Are you aware that there are around 1.2 million active-duty military service members in America?

After you factor in the millions of veterans, it’s clear to see that lots of people are proud to serve our country. One of the many ways we can honor their sacrifices is to learn more about what they do.

The Navy is one of the most popular branches of the military. Read on if you’d like to learn more about the fascinating history of the US Navy so you can appreciate everyone who’s ever served.

When Was the Navy Invented?

The US military states that the Navy was officially invented on October 13, 1775. Ships were needed to help fight the British in the Revolutionary War, which began in April of that year. People fought bravely to secure our independence as a nation.

After the war, the Continental Navy disbanded and we sold a lot of our battleships since they weren’t needed. Once pirates started attacking commerce ships, Congress built a handful of ships to address the issue and created the navy department on April 30, 1798.

The American Navy’s Growth

Tensions were still high with the British after we gained independence because Great Britain continued to violate our maritime laws and cause problems with our shipments. We reached a boiling point and the War of 1812 began.

The Navy expanded a lot during this three-year war to keep up with the massive British fleet. Lots of our land was destroyed, but we were able to reach peace. Since then, the Navy sailed around the world and remained present in many international ports to advance science and end piracy.

In 1845, Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft created The Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland to secure our continued success.

The Civil War

The Civil War started in 1861 and President Lincoln decided to blockade all Confederate ports. Around 150 ships were seized, which helped contribute to the Union’s win.

There weren’t many battles fought by sea, but this era allowed us to build many new types of navy ships that forever changed our technology.

WWII and Beyond

WWII sparked explosive growth that led to America becoming a leading power on the seas. Since then, our Navy has been involved in many conflicts like the Vietnam War, the liberation of Kuwait, and even capturing Osama bin Laden.

During times of peace, our Navy has continued to enrich our understanding of the world by conducting many important scientific expeditions and research.

Lots of special awards like Navy challenge coins have been given to the Americans who have dedicated their lives to serving our country.

The History of the US Navy Is Incredible

The history of the US Navy is long and there are countless interesting facts. After reading this brief guide, though, you can understand the important basics.

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