9005 headlight bulb makes it easy to swap vehicle lights

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I was very annoyed by the original 9005 headlight bulb in my car’s lights. Whether it be fog lights, High Beam, Low Beam, or any light. Several times I was almost involved in accidents due to such low brightness of my stock lights. Once, due to my weak backlights, I rear-ended in my car. Afterward, I went to my mechanic to get a thorough checkup of my lights.

Upon inspection, my mechanic warned me of the fact that my rear lights had a very thin filament due to which it had such weak light. This was a very concerning thing for me as lights vehicle’s exterior only lit up the vehicle’s lights and they play a significant role. Upon some web surfing and research, I came upon 9005 Bulbs. Finally decided to invest in 9005 LED Bulb and trust me these have proven to be a miracle in disguise.

Review of 9005 LED Bulbs

I then got rid of my original bulbs and installed 9005 LED Bulbs. First, I installed these in my backlight’s stop lamps to check the result and difference in stock and these. Trust me, these work like a miracle. The amount of brightness and sharpness they provide.

The chasing driver can see these stop lamps from 10-15 feet behind. The rated brightness of 1700 Lumens does prove their rated Lumens. I faced no issues in installing these. This is mainly because of such a good plug-and-play setup they provide. 9005 Bulbs require no High-Intensity Discharge boosters which makes them so easy to install. You can easily plug them into your vehicle’s OEM bulb sockets.

Advantages of 9005 LED Bulbs

The plug-and-play setup of 9005 Bulb makes them so easy to swap between vehicle lights. I tried installing my rear’s 9005 Bulb in my front High Beams and Low Beams. They just made me fond of the result provided by them. These are the same bulbs I installed in my rear lights. They worked like a charm in front headlights as well. The amount of sharpness and responsive headlights they were providing was just astonishing. Finally decided to remove all of my stock Vehicle’s Lights.

Whether they be interior lighting or exterior lighting. I ordered a bunch of 9005 Bulb in case any bulb goes out in the future. Then at home, I installed them in every light of my Vehicle. These small bulbs have proven to be so durable that not even one has gone bad until now. Been using them for 1 year and their performance stays up to the mark. Whether it be rain or hail, the brightness always makes me happy. I’m using them in foglights as well and they light up the road as if it’s a High Definition Film.


The 9005 LED Bulb are widely available in the offline as well as online market. A pair of these LED bulbs cost around $55 in the online market. These $55 ones produced by Sylvania. However, some other brands produce them at a cheaper rate like the famous brand C6. C6 sells them for around $5 for a pair. These C6 ones are a little low quality but get the job done.

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