Women with sensitive skin are hypersensitive to ingredients in skin care products. Even stress or your environment can make you feel bad when you want to look at your skin. Because the skin is not beautiful, but do not worry about it. Suppose you choose the right product and the proper routine. You can reduce the sensitivity of your skin to surprises. Here are 8 causes of sensitive skin and how to properly care for sensitive skin.

Face labs skin care products for women with sensitive skin Because our products are invented by dermatologists.

1. The external and internal environment

The weather is always a big factor. Or cool air with an air conditioner can cause the skin to lose moisture. Causes dry and sensitive skin. During winter, it must be very important to take care of your skin by adding moisture back to it using a cream suitable for your skin type.

2. Cleansing the skin

The fact that girls may never know Excessive and inaccurate cleaning can irritate the skin Skin care must avoid products with harsh ingredients. If you have chosen a product suitable for your skin type, โฟมล้างหน้า Cleansing will nourish your skin. Therefore, choosing the right product for our skin is very important.

3. Lifestyle

The girls’ daily life affects their skin condition, whether it is stress, working in an air-conditioned room, or smoking. And the exposure of your skin to direct sunlight can easily cause your delicate skin to be out of balance. And more easily irritated Which of these factors happens that we are unable to avoid all the time. Therefore, help is needed, such as using a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect the skin from the sun. Or use a moisturizer to restore moisture to the skin for women who always work in air-conditioned rooms.

4. Food

Sensitive skin is not only caused by external factors but also caused by the food that we eat too much. We choose the right food to balance our body and drink the right amount of water daily.

5. Hormones

It’s a matter of great impact, especially for women. The more time we have menstruation. This is the period when our skin is usually more sensitive than usual.

6. Clothes and accessories

It’s not just skincare products that affect your skin. Even clothing and accessories such as nickel, detergent, and fabric softener can irritate you.

7. House cleaning

Finally, avoid using household cleaning products without gloves because these products contain harsh chemicals. This is not only dangerous but can irritate your skin as well.

8. Ingredients in skin care products

Irritation found in skin care products This is mainly due to perfumes, colors and harsh chemicals. Thus causing sensitive skin Therefore, we must avoid using only products that contain only the purest ingredients. No unnecessary and harsh chemicals. Pay attention to the details of the ingredients of the products you choose to use. Make sure it doesn’t damage your skin. Preservatives in products that are too high can also affect sensitive skin. It is important to choose the right nourishing cream for your face. For skin care at exactly that point.

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