8 Best TikTok Filters That Level Up Your Videos

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Every user of TikTok wants to gain a center of attraction. Getting spotlighted by TikTok isn’t a difficult task since excellent TikTok filters are available on the platform, which grasps the viewers’ attention. It is quite possible in today’s online world. Till now, TikTok filters are available under four different categories: Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe. Whether you use it for individual or business purposes, TikTok filters have countless ways to boost your engagement. Many people opt to buy TikTok auto views to grow their visibility and engagement flawlessly. Undoubtedly, buying TikTok views will drastically increase your viewers’ count and reach towards the audience.  

What Are TikTok Filters? 

TikTok filters are visual elements that change the look of your videos. In simple terms, the filter changes videos’ appearance by adjusting the saturation, contrast, brightness, etc. Many are still confused between the effects and filters. It is different from each other. The TikTok filters are more prevalent in usage as it elevates the content’s personality, uniqueness, and creativity. The video filters will consistently deliver fresh and new content to the audience. There are two types of filters such as traditional presets and interactive filters. 

Traditional Presets And Interactive Filters

Traditional presets are nothing, but after filming your videos on TikTok, you will see this filter on the right corner of your screen. The filter changes the color tone of the video before or after filming. Similarly, interactive filters spice up your video with a fun and dynamic element. Interactive filters are more quirky and are present on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Further below, let us know some of the best TikTok filters that you can try on for your next video campaign. Let’s get started!

Popular And Attractive TikTok Filters

Beauty Mode

Beauty mode is present in all video recording platforms. When you tap on the beauty mode, the picture suddenly gets evens with the skin tone, improves with the color, and enhances your appearance without losing your originality. Open the app, hit the + icon, and tap ‘beauty mode,’ which applies to your TikTok video. 

Brew Filter Preset

Brew filter preset, also known as the G6 filter, gives you an older, retro-vintage feel. It is in the food section of the filter that provides more color and depth to your photos. Sometimes, it is the best filter when you choose to put your old pictures. When some creators want to portray themselves with a retro feel, they go with this filter choice. 

Fantasy Filter

Fantasy filters, also known as the ‘V 11’ filter, give you a pink hue romanticizing the picture. This filter is favorable among younger generations. Brands targeting younger audiences shall try using fantasy filters for their product promotions. You can customize this filter by mixing colors and providing some summer hues. Before using any filter, check out the trending filters on the TikTok discover page. You can also buy TikTok likes to build your brand’s recognition.

Bling Filter

As the name denotes, bling is a sparkling or glittering effect added to videos. Bling filter is worthy of using that earns more user attraction. Brands and individuals use it to attain dazzling and shimmery effects. Bling is the best choice if you want to highlight products or elements in your video. 

Green Screen Filter

The green screen filter is a graphic effect that automatically detects your outline and removes the background. It is in cinemas, but now it is available in your TikTok filters. So utilize it to the best on your videos. If creators want to merge two pictures or create funnier content with different backgrounds, they can use a green screen filter. It is more amusing in a way that you can be on BBC news, or you can talk to the president. Isn’t it beyond your imagination? Yes, it does. A modern world needs modern filters to acquire customers.

Fun Face Filter

Expressify is a fun face filter that gives you huge eyes, a big mouth, and expressive eyebrows. TikTokers love this filter as it is funny and quirky. In the same way, the audience loves the expressions of creators with this filter too. Another face filter is the anime cartoon face filter gives creators the face with “Disney’s eyes.” On the TikTok app, press the explore button in the bottom right corner and type’ cartoon face’. Now, record your video! This filter is helpful for people who do not want to show their original look. 

Colour Customizable Filter

It is known as the “color picker effect.” In this TikTok filter, you can change the saturation of your videos, whether it is the clothes, skin, eyes, buildings, or others. This effect makes your video more colorful. You can pick up any color and apply it from the upper bar. 

It is more quirky and versatile! Use the filter and gain more followers. 

Time Warp Scan Filter

The time warp scan filter is “the blue line filter.” When you show your face to the TikTok camera, it freezes your image, and instantly a blue line moves downwards and creates various distortions that look like you have cloned yourself. There are trio cloning options also. This filter is more comic to use. 


As users today are fast and quick to tap between like and unlike, TikTok creators have to grab their attention within 3 seconds of a video. In this case, you can use and explore these filters and go viral! The key takeaways are that choose an appropriate filter that showcases you in a better way. Then, try out new filters and find the best one!

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