7 Reasons to Visit Dubai Marina, the Ultimate Waterfront Getaway

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Dubai is a great city to explore on holiday, and with its many tourist attractions and luxurious yacht rentals, there are plenty of reasons to take a trip. The Marina Promenade offers visitors shopping, eateries, and water sports. The beachfront offers sunbathing opportunities and activities such as waterskiing or parasailing. Dubai Marina is an artificial waterfront city in Dubai, with over 200 restaurants. It has also won the world’s best waterfront award.

Dubai Marina is worth a visit

If you are looking for a yacht charter Dubai Company to explore the world, look no further than Mala Yachts. With over 25 years of experience and 13 boats in its portfolio, Mala Yachts has the perfect boat for you.

1) Over 300 spaces for all sizes of yachts:

The Marina offers over 300 berths for yachts of all types and sizes.

2) Advanced Marina with extra amenities for guests:

You’ll get access to an advanced and well-equipped marina with special facilities for the guests’ different needs in mind.

3) With numerous on-site dining options:

There are many options for dining on-site at this location, like Spice Market Restaurant and Joe’s Pizza.

4) Many entertaining options to enjoy:

There are many activities you can enjoy while visiting the destination.

5) From family-friendly to the world’s fastest yachts:

They have boats made for any experience – from family-oriented yachts to some of the fastest yachts in the world.

6) Global crew’s service

The crew is carefully selected from worldwide, and their service is exemplary.

7) Parties, snorkeling, and diving are provided:

They offer various excursions such as snorkeling, diving, or even party cruises.

Dubai Marina is a yachter’s paradise

Dubai Marina is the perfect destination for yachts and sailors. It has a beautiful yacht marina that provides a wide range of boats to charter. It also features high-end restaurants, world-class boutiques, and stunning views of the Dubai skyline. Here are seven reasons why you should go to Dubai Marina! Dubai Marina is home to some of the world’s most exclusive yacht charters, with Mala Yachts offering many types of luxury vessels for every budget. Luxury yachts in Dubai Marina offer guest’s unparalleled opulence while exploring the iconic landmarks in the region.

A yacht charter is the greatest way to enjoy luxury:

Dubai Marina yacht charter is quickly becoming the best way to experience luxury at its finest. Take a look at the reasons below that you should try out this yacht charter in Dubai Marina. There is a range of reasons why most people book a yachting trip in Dubai Marina, but here are some of the most popular ones:

  • You get to enjoy breathtaking views
  • Great opportunity to socialize with your friends and family while enjoying the lavish and private boat
  • Some have said that this was their best vacation so far
  • Others say it is an unforgettable VIP experience that they will never forget
  •  It allows you to do something different from your everyday life.

Dubai Marina has a large range of luxury yachts:

Mala Yachts are luxury yacht charter Dubai Marina has one of the best and widest selections of luxury yachts. They have everything from yacht charters with an entire family on board to superyacht charters for an exclusive private event. They provide boat rentals for all occasions and offer a concierge service to help you plan your trip. Mala Yachts is Dubai’s premier yacht charter company, and they are your best choice when it comes to yacht rental in DubaiThe Marina has a variety of attractions, including the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, the Burj Al Arab, and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

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