7 Reasons to hire a Mini Bus that you may not have thought of.

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If you’re running a business or overseeing a local community event or group, you may often need to assist with transport for staff, children, local community or other shareholders. A mini bus hire can help take the stress out of providing the means of transport to multiple people. Here are some reasons to hire a mini bus that you may not have thought of.

Prices, sizes of buses and inclusion of luxury items will vary. If you wanting a standard seating arrangement without all the trimmings or want the go the whole hog with all the goodies, most services can accommodate your needs, budget and taste. They can even add a driver if need be. A driver may come in useful if there is a lack of familiarity of the area and transport destinations, or if you simply want to kick back and let someone else drive for a change.

  1. School excursions and other outings.

Our children are our future and part of the school curriculum often involves extrusions and outings for entertainment and educational reasons. These outings can provide a wealth of knowledge and positive, happy times for our youngest generations. It can foster strong relationships between classmates and memories that can last a lifetime.

Ensuring they get safely to and from their destination is of paramount importance, as well as their comfort. A mini bus can seat a variety of numbers of students in comfort and style, ensuring all numbers are accommodated to with ease.

  1. Rural and small community school shuttle

Schools in rural or small communities may not always have the same access to public transport as those in busier suburbs or more city-based areas. Parents may not also have vehicles to transport them to and from school and this may result in poor attendance and truancy. Some locations and schools simply aren’t on the public transport route or their homes are miles from any method of transport.

Having a specialist shuttle service can assist in ensuring the children don’t miss out on their educational needs and are collected and dropped of safely. This means no on needs to miss put on education which is of great benefit to our future generation.

  1. Special school bus

Speaking of children and education, those will complex medical requirements also need access to education and community events. Often, there are a variety of medical and psychological needs and diversities which may mean they are unable to utilise public transport independently.

A specialist service providing transport to these wonderful children can help provide community inclusion and access. Often, these services include pick up and delivery directly to and from the child’s primary place of residence, taking the hassle out of needing to locate a suitable bus shelter.

  1. Car service shuttle

When you get your car serviced, you might be lucky enough to have a replacement vehicle provided for you. In business terms, this might not always be possible or economically feasible. Clients often need to find their own way home and back again to collect the vehicle.

If you’re wanting to go that extra mile to keep customer satisfaction high, then a shuttle bus from your business to a local train station and back again may be beneficial. Clients can rest easy knowing you are not only taking good car of their trusted vehicle, but that they don’t have the worry of getting home and back again.

  1. Staff transport

There are times when multiple staff are required to be at a particular location at a specific time. This might be a staff meeting or team building exercise. In other situations, it might be due to lack of access to parking. In community events, staff are often encouraged to park away from the venue to ensure attendees have the majority of access to parking.

This situation can be problematic and a potential for staff safety and attendance if there is no other method to get them to the venue. Having parking off site and a mini shuttle to take them to their work station will be of great benefit. This is of particular warrant if there are various start and finish times, which may include late night or the very early mornings. Staff safety can be ensured if you go just that one extra step to ensure they get to and from the allocated parking or transport area safely and in style.

  1. Community events

Community events is a time of gathering together and sharing that sense of unity and community. Shareholders often use this time to foster strong and vital relationships within the community as well as to maximise business profitability.

Local functions are a great time to showcase your wares, services and professional scope. Again, parking and access might be limited in some areas. Providing a means of transport from key local areas and access points to your event will most likely leave a favourable impression on your clients and the community.

Events such as local fairs and shows often attract a large amount of people from various socio-economic and culturally diverse backgrounds. Large numbers means a greater potential to impress future clients. Being hard to get to can mean people arrive flustered and annoyed, rather than refreshed and stress free.

  1. Special and private events.

Naturally if you’re organising and hosting a special event for either business or pleasure, you want to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible with no hiccups or misadventures. Occasions such as hens and bucks’ nights, wine tours, pub runs all usually have alcohol consumption involved.

As much as designated drivers are able to assist in transporting your buddies around, a mini bus will accommodate more people and take the worry out of if all you designated drivers elect to stay sober at the end of the night. This means everyone can have a good time, be safe, happy and a little merry.


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