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6 Ways Mindfulness Can Improve How You Feel

6 Ways Mindfulness Can Improve How You Feel

“A mind is like a parachute. It does not work if it is not open.”  (Frank Zappa)

The government states wellbeing as an ‘optimistic physical, social and mental state.’

But for the part of this post, we will be focusing on mental health and wellness. There is no one ideal definition of mental well-being. It consists of several factors. Such as:

  • Feeling good about yourself
  • The ability to deal with the good and bad times of life
  • The feeling of connection with our surroundings and communities 
  • Having a sense of purpose in life & feeling valued

It is to keep in mind that, mental wellness is not always about living a happy and peaceful life all the life. The ups and downs, griefs, and sorrows are a part of life as well. However, mindfulness is one way that can help live a happy, healthy, and productive life to improve your overall wellbeing. 

Therefore, this blog post explains effective ways and practices mindfulness can help improve the way you feel.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the method of paying attention to the current moment in life using different mindfulness techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, or yoga. It is now being examined significantly and is a key factor in stress reduction and overall happiness.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Research has shown a lot of health benefits of practicing mindfulness both physical and psychological. Some of these are given below:

  • Decreases Stress

One of the major benefits of practicing mindfulness is that it helps reduce the stress of everyday life. A study on the analysis of mindfulness and stress reduction shows that mindfulness techniques help increase positive emotions and minimize anxiety. 

  • Improves Physical Health

When talking about improving physical health, one can find numerous benefits of practicing mindfulness. Along with relieving stress, it helps treat heart diseases, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic diseases and improve sleep quality.

  • Enhances the Ability to Deal with Ailments

Mindfulness techniques are also found beneficial in reducing and controlling several diseases. It is seen as impactful to treat cancer patients or others who are suffering from chronic diseases. Although mindfulness cannot take away all the symptoms completely, it can help make them more manageable.

6 Ways Mindfulness Strategies Can Improve Your Life

There are several ways practicing mindfulness techniques can help improve your overall life.

  • Helps Develop Self-awareness

The first step to creating self-awareness is understanding the behavior change. Knowing the emotions that you find difficult to deal with such the negative emotions. Practicing mindfulness can help overcome these emotions like anger, stress, or sadness.  

It can help bring your mind to peace so you can better reflect on your inner self to live a happy and productive life.

  • Improves Memory

Along with the benefits of staying calm and relaxed, mindfulness techniques can also help improves your memory and cognitive functioning. Mindfulness has a huge impact on your everyday life activities, be it your personal life, professional life, or student life.  

  • Helps Improve Relationship 

When talking about social connections and relationships, practicing mindfulness daily can help you get in a better frame of mind. With these mindfulness habits, you will see a positive change in your everyday life and so more and more people would be willing to talk to you or be connected with you.

  • Helps Get Quality Sleep

Getting quality and sound sleep has a lot of health benefits both for your physical and mental well-being. And practicing mindfulness strategies can help you calm down enough to get good sleep. It is found that people who are more relaxed while falling asleep tend to get more restful sleep than those who find it difficult to sleep well (source).

Therefore, giving it a try can help you gather a lot of physical and psychological benefits.

  • Increases Flexible Thinking

Mindfulness practices give a boost to flexible thinking and reasoning. It increases the ability to self-observe, take in the new information and improve positive thinking. It is also helpful when you feel stuck or lost at some point in your life.

  • Decreases Emotional Reactivity 

If you feel emotionally upset or disturbed, mindfulness techniques can be very helpful get rid of such emotions and thoughts. It easily helps disengage with those negative emotions that keep on hurting or disturbing you.

How to Make Mindfulness a Habit

Starting a new habit can be tough. But as you start working on it and stay consistent, you can easily work on it, in just a matter of days. Here are some ways to make mindfulness a habit.

  • Develop Mindfulness Rituals and Prompts

Developing mindfulness habits can start from your everyday routines and tasks you do such as cooking, cleaning, walking, or other chores. The best way to do these tasks mindfully is by paying close attention to everything. It directly affects the way you perform these tasks and the way you feel

  • Find a Supportive Community 

Another way to develop mindfulness habits is by building connections with like-minded people in your community. Look for the people who can accept you as you are, call you out as necessary, and show love and respect despite differences. 

All this can be possible only if you have control over your mind and thoughts and so it can lead to a satisfying life.

One can also get better by taking adequate guidance or training online or in-person or by seeking professional help. There are tons of mental health courses that teach ways and techniques to be more mindful and improve your wellbeing. Some of them are listed here for better understanding such as mental health awareness training, mental resilience training, mind management skills, sleep and fatigue awareness training and more. 


This blog post is an in-depth explanation of effective mindfulness ways, strategies, and habits that can help improve how you feel and improve your overall health. There are numerous benefits of practicing mindfulness every day. But the major ones include reducing stress, decreasing heart diseases, minimizing chronic ailments, enhancing self-control, and many others like these.

If you make mindfulness a daily habit, it can help you live a healthy, happy, and satisfying life without worrying much about the future or regretting past mistakes.

All in all, this content piece explains simple yet effective ways in which mindfulness can improve the way you feel.

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