6 Summer Maintenance Tips by Air Conditioning Companies

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You surely don’t want to get caught up in the summer heat when the temperature rises. The last thing you need is to find that the air conditioner is not working on a hot sunny day. But, this can only happen if you haven’t been active in getting the maintenance services when needed. Your unit must be properly serviced before the first blast of icy cold AC. However, this isn’t enough. Once in a while, you also have to perform some tasks yourself to keep your air conditioner in the running condition. To help you out, we have listed six tips that air conditioning companies suggest to all homeowners. 

We hope these six tips will help you maintain your AC unit this summer. So, without any delay, let’s begin.

Clean the Unit – Most Suggested by Air Conditioning Companies

It is not common for dust and debris to accumulate over the unit. Fallen tree branches and leaves can make their way over the entire outdoor unit, which can cause real harm if left unattended. Grime, dust, and dirt can highly impact the unit’s efficiency, robbing you of the comfort you need from your air conditioners. 

Start by cleaning the outside part of the unit; however, switch off the power supply for safety purposes. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with performing the job, contact experts like Wayne Heating and Air to do the job for you.

Replace the Filters Timely

You’ll be amazed to know how much clean filters improve the performance of your entire HVAC unit. Replace the filters regularly to clean, so the cold air reaches the vent rather than cooling off the collected dust and dirt. 

Depending on the usage, the filters should be replaced every 1-2 months. Doing so will help with the air circulation throughout the house and save you from the damage of blocked filters. When the filters are blocked, your unit has to exert more force, ultimately raising your energy bills.

If you face any issues in replacing the filter, start looking for ‘air conditioning service close to me’ for professional assistance. 

Check for Drained Clogs

Condensation is a common problem with the air conditioning units. Drain hoses are usually used to clean the water properly and move it away from the house. However, dust and debris can block the drain, reducing the entire efficiency of the air conditioner. 

Therefore, it is important to check if these drains are blocked from time to time. Bacteria can grow on the moisture due to blockage, creating health problems. 

Check the Insulation – Suggested by North Georgia Heating and Air Companies

Check the area properly where AC lines enter the house. If the insulation is damaged, it can allow air to escape in an open environment and cause the unit to do more hard work. What’s even better is to find air conditioning companies to do the job for you. They usually suggest adding foam wrap around the pipes to prevent leakage and strengthen the insulation. Doing so comes with various benefits, including better unit efficiency and reduced energy bills. 

Consider Getting an Energy Audit

People are more focused on cooling their houses; however, it is not the only thing to worry about. You should also focus on keeping the hot air away. For that, you would have to do an energy audit. The homeowners can do this, or they could hire professional companies to do so.

The main purpose of the audit is to find areas where the cold air is leaking, and hot air is seeping in. If there are any problems with the cooling results of the unit, you can do a few upgrades, including energy-efficient windows and better insulation measures. This might come with an upfront cost, but it will be extremely beneficial in the long run. 

Cover Your Air Conditioning Unit 

Prevention is always better than getting repairs. By taking the necessary precautions, you can save yourself from trouble this summer season. Cover your air conditioning when it’s not in use. It is a great way to keep your system clean and energy-efficient. You can add a sheet of plywood over with weighted bricks to keep all the dust away. We would recommend you stay away from the wraps, as they can retain moisture and cause damage to your HVAC unit.

Make sure to follow these tips by air conditioning companies to ensure your unit stays in a great working condition. For more information, move on to our FAQ section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I service my air conditioner in the summer?

Follow these simple steps to service your air conditioner:

  • Change the filters
  • Maintain the condensation lines 
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Remove the debris
  • Check duct for leaks

  • How do I prolong the life of my air conditioner?

To extend the life of your air conditioner, make sure you give the unit proper rest, clean it regularly, get tune-ups, change filters, and check for leaks.

  • What is the average life of a whole-house air conditioner?

Modern air conditioners can last up to 15-20 years if you properly maintain the AC unit by following the tips mentioned in the above blog post. 

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