5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Movie Night

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For infrequent moviegoers, 4 out of 5 said they don’t often head to the movie theater because they prefer to watch films at home or cite high ticket costs.

Luckily, hosting a movie night is an easy way to watch films at home while feeling like you’re at the theater. Moreover, you can have a movie night with friends or family to enjoy each other’s company and further offset rental costs.

But how do you go about hosting the best movie night for all? Keep reading to learn our top five tips!

1. Invite Fun People

For your movie night to go smoothly, you want to invite those who get along and enjoy each other’s company. You don’t want any drama, especially when trying to be quiet while the film plays.

Your guest list should include those who can leave their negative energy behind to have a good time.

2. Pick the Right Location

The location can make your event go from the best movie night to the worst movie night in minutes. Most movie nights entail an outdoor movie rental in the host’s backyard.

That is unless you’re blessed with a friend who has an at-home theater.

With an outdoor movie, you want to ensure the space isn’t too noisy from busy roads or train tracks. You also don’t want the sun to shine on the screen if you’re doing an early movie. The same can be said for outdoor lights on the screen at night.

3. Don’t Forget Food and Snacks

Of all the movie night tips, this one is the most important. You simply can’t host a movie night without popcorn and other fun snacks. However, you don’t have to limit your event to snacks and beverages.

You could host a potluck dinner before the movie begins. You could also have a theme with food and decorations that go with the film. The ideas are endless when it comes to food and beverage!

4. Create a Comfy Set Up

When hosting a moving night, you must create a comfortable seating area for all to enjoy. After all, sitting in the grass can make you feel stiff after a short time.

Place bean bags, plush chairs, or even a sofa outside. If you don’t want to use the furniture you already have, consider renting the items for ultimate comfort. You don’t want guests wandering around during the movie because there’s no nice place to relax.

5. Choose the Perfect Movie

Even with all the movie night ideas to create an enjoyable night, you cannot forget to choose which movie you’ll watch. It’s usually best to have a small selection available on the night of the event.

For instance, you may think the crowd would enjoy a thriller, but a comedy might be better if everyone shows up in a fit of laughter.

Even if you have a theme, such as spooky for Halloween, you can have several scary movies for guests to vote for.

If you plan on selecting the movie before the event, notify all the guests beforehand which film you’ll be screening.

Ready to Host Movie Night?

With these five tips, you should be more than ready to host a movie night. Just set your guest list, choose a location, prepare snacks, get comfy, and select the perfect movie for the best time!

Looking for more fun hosting ideas? Check out the Entertainment section above!

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