5 Things to Do During a Weekend in Chicago

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What is better than exploring a vibrant city full of culture, history, and excitement? Have a fun-filled weekend in Chicago!

Chicago is a city that’s teeming with things to do, so you and your crew will never be bored while exploring this fabulous big city. Whether you’re new to the Windy City or on a mission to explore, here are the best things to do while spending a weekend in this wonderland. Read more!

1. Hiking Along the Lakefront

It is a great way to exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Hiking along the lakefront provides an opportunity to learn about the history and ecology of the area. Finally, hiking along the lakefront is a great way to connect with nature and decompress from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Take a Boat Tour of the City

A boat tour of the city during the weekend is one of the fun things to do in Chicago and a great way to see the sights and get a feel for the city’s layout. You can learn about the town’s history and see the skyline from a different perspective.

It is also a great way to relax and enjoy the city. The tour guides are usually very knowledgeable and can answer any questions about the city.

3. Visit Millennium Park

The park is home to various attractions, including the Bean, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, and the Navy Pier. Millennium Park is a great place to spend a weekend, as there is something for everyone to enjoy. The park is also conveniently located, making it easy to get to downtown Chicago.

4. Have Deep-Dish Pizza for Dinner

Chicago is world-renowned for its deep-dish pizza, so it only makes sense to have a deep dish for dinner while spending a weekend in the city. Not only is the deep-dish pizza delicious, but it’s also a great way to fill up after a long day of sightseeing. Plus, there’s nothing better than ending a day in Chicago with a slice (or two) of cheesy, gooey deep-dish pizza.

5. Taking a Helicopter Tour

A helicopter tour is a great way to see Chicago from a new perspective. Many people are familiar with the city from ground level, but a helicopter tour offers a bird’s eye view of the skyline and architecture. It is a great way to get a new perspective on the city and see things you may have missed from the ground.

A helicopter tour is also a great way to avoid traffic. Chicago is a busy city with a lot of traffic. If you also want more time, go to Breezehelicopters.com and book your tour.

Book Your Weekend in Chicago Today

If you’re looking for a fun and eventful weekend in Chicago, you won’t be disappointed! You’ll never be bored with so many things to see and do.

From world-renowned museums and architecture to delicious food and lively nightlife, there’s something for everyone. So, grab your friends and make some memories in the Windy City!

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