5 of the Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

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“Tentative” is the keyword when it comes to age, tattoo design, or females reporting a lower pain threshold than males. Despite being more sensitive to pain, 59% of women, as opposed to 41% of men, have tattoos.


However, there might be some truth to the most painful areas to try a tattoo idea inspired by World Tattoo Portal.


When thousands of needles penetrate two skin layers at a location where you occasionally or frequently experience pain, you’re more than likely to reach your pain threshold.


The human head is considered the most sensitive area to get a tattoo. It’s bony, has several nerve endings, and doesn’t have much fat to cushion the needles piercing your skin. As a result, you may experience a near unbearable stinging and scorching sensation.


Anything related to your armpits might as well have a big question mark in front of it. Experts advise against putting chemicals from deodorants and whatnot in there because these pits house blood vessels, protect lymph nodes from the sun, and host countless nerve endings.


If you get skin irritation from a simple ingredient around that spot, you’ll feel the sting of getting a tattoo. Moreover, it can be challenging to keep still for the process, not only because it’s painful but also because it can get quite ticklish.

Ribcage, Stomach, and Chest

Chest and stomach tattoos are popular because they look amazing on smooth, unbroken skin. However, they’re known to make grown adults cry. They aren’t being dramatic—chest, stomach, and ribcage tattoos hurt because they don’t have much skin, plenty of bone from the ribs, and less fat surrounding the bony areas.


As a result, you’ll feel the needles in your nerve endings every time they penetrate your skin and at each involuntary movement of your chest due to breathing.

Knees and Elbows

Your elbows may not have many nerve endings, but they’ll hurt due to their boniness and lack of fat. 


On the other hand, your knees may hurt all the way to your shins because they’re bony, lacking in fat, and contain several nerves in the connective tissue linking the bones.

Shins and Below

Speaking of shins, you’re destined to feel pain around this area due to the near absence of fat or nerve endings. The only thing standing between the shinbones and needles is a thin layer of skin, so you’re bound to feel great pain during the tattooing process.


Apart from the back of your legs, all the parts below your kneecaps, including the shins, ankles, feet, and toes, aren’t easy to tattoo. They’re all naturally skinny areas and comprise your extremities, which house all the major nerves in your body.

Challenge Yourself to a Tattoo Idea Online

Getting a tattoo is painful, period. Deciding to get one is a major decision. Once you’ve decided, visit World Tattoo Portal to check out creative tattoo designs for various body parts and extremities. Stay in touch with the latest trends and keep up with new tattoo ideas by following the informational blog.


Get in touch for questions and concerns.

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Jack Painter is a tattoo aficionado from San Francisco. While he maintains a managerial position at a local dog shelter, his love for canines rivals his love for all-things ink and henna. Apart from writing about tattoos, Painter enjoys reading John Marrs thrillers. 

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