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5 Major Benefits of Waterproofing Your House

5 Major Benefits of Waterproofing Your House
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Initially, waterproofing might sound like just another value-added task that won’t do them any good. People who have never experienced water damage will likely disregard it.

However, waterproofing has tons of benefits, the obvious one being protection for your home from water damage. It can protect your house from the inside out, including your deck and basement.

If you’re interested in waterproofing services, here are five benefits you might not have realized.

Increases Property Value

Not only does waterproofing add an additional layer of protection to your home, which is one of your most valuable assets, but it also boosts your home’s market value if you decide to sell it in the future. Potential buyers will be more inclined to pay more if they know the home is safe from all types of damages.

Water, and mold damage especially, can decrease a home’s value by up to 25% or more. Waterproofing is a safe and wise investment that ensures your home’s protection and doesn’t let its value deteriorate over time.

Strengthens the Structural Integrity

Underneath your home, there’s usually a 2-4 inch concrete floor, which is vulnerable to pressure from the water beneath it and may cause cracks and leaks if gone unnoticed.

If water starts to seep through the foundation of your home, it’ll most likely lead to huge foundation cracks and wall buckling. This is why it’s important to waterproof your home inside and out to ensure structural protection.

Prevents Mold Growth

One of the biggest issues that come with water damage is the possibility of mold growth. When there’s excess moisture in any place within your home, it gives mold an opportunity to grow and spread all over the place.

In most cases, mold only needs a day or two to develop on a damp surface. One of the only solutions to prevent it from developing is to avoid moisture by waterproofing your home.

Helps Avoid Flooding Repairs

Flooding damages in homes are common all over the world. Insurance companies report that about 24% of all home insurance claims are related to damages due to flooding. But insurance claims are not that cheap, so not everybody has the option to get a flood insurance claim.

That is why, to avoid paying a higher premium for your home insurance plan, get your home waterproofed by a professional. It will significantly lower the risk of flooding and water damage to your home.

Creates a Healthier Home Environment

When mold starts developing in your home, the affected area doesn’t initially show any signs of it, but the bacteria are still present. Without knowing it, prolonged exposure to this mold may cause a number of health issues.

Breathing in mold spores may result in health conditions like eczema, asthma, fever, and even bone diseases. Waterproofing helps prevent mold growth in the first place, improving your home’s interior air quality and creating a healthier environment for you and your family.


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