5 Elements of Good Restaurant Names (And How to Choose Yours)

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There were 660,936 restaurants in the United States in 2021, indicating the high level of competition within the industry. If you’re hoping to attract consumers to your food establishment, you may be trying to think of a catchy name that can make your business stand out from the crowd.

But how can you come up with good restaurant names that grab the attention of hungry customers? With so many other restaurants in the marketplace, you’ll want to have a name that people instantly like and remember.

While it’s easy to spend too much time selecting a restaurant name, you can use some simple tips to make the decision process easier.

Let’s dive in and learn more.

1. Make It Unique

Having a unique name can help differentiate your restaurant from others in your local area. It can also make it easier for people to remember your business when they are deciding where to book their next meal. This could increase your restaurant’s footfall and help you make more profit.

2. Be Descriptive

When customers are searching for a restaurant, they may be looking for a particular type of cuisine. But, if your business’s name doesn’t explain what kind of food you serve, people may move on and choose to eat elsewhere. To reduce the risk of this happening, your name could explain your food specialty, or you could have a slogan that provides this information.

3. Short and Simple

Having a short and simple name can make it easier to fit it onto marketing materials. You may also find consumers are more likely to remember a shorter name in comparison to one that has too many words. For assistance when picking a name, you could look at signs in your local area and see how many words tend to be in the names of rival restaurants.

4. Ask Your Target Audience

There are many important tasks you need to do yourself when opening a restaurant, such as choosing high-quality commercial kitchen equipment, and you can find more information here about this vital aspect. However, there are occasions when your customers’ input can be helpful, and you could ask people what they think you should name your restaurant.

This can help you settle on a name that appeals to the majority of people in your area.

5. Choose a Name You Like

While it can be useful to get feedback about restaurant name ideas from others, you may also want to choose a name that you like. You might be hoping to run your business for many years, and having a name that you like saying could make your daily workload more enjoyable.

Have Fun Coming Up With Good Restaurant Names

It can be a lot of fun to spend time coming up with good restaurant names. To help you pick a great name you could focus on keeping things simple, and choose a name that relates to your restaurant’s type of cuisine. It can also be helpful to consider what type of name your customers would appreciate, and to make it unique in your industry.

You may find your restaurant name helps to attract more customers in your locality!

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