5 Common Promotional Swag Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Did you know that promotional swag marketing can help boost brand recognition? That’s just one of several benefits your business can receive.

But here’s the thing. You won’t get the benefits if you’re making mistakes that serve to tear down rather than to build up your marketing efforts.

Are you making promotional swag mistakes that are frittering away the benefits you would otherwise receive?

Keep reading to learn about five common promotional swag mistakes that you can’t afford to make.

1. Your Swag Doesn’t Resonate With Your Audience

When your marketing team brainstorms ideas for swag, they need to ensure that the swag resonates with your company’s target demographic.

Ensure that whatever swag you focus on is something that your customers will find useful. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money on marketing materials that won’t interest your target market in the least. That’ll be a lost opportunity.

2. Your Swag Is Too Complicated

Promotional items for businesses need to be user-friendly. If being able to use your swag requires a steep learning curve, people may lose interest.

Ensure that your swag marketing efforts include items that people can figure out. If there’s a slight learning curve, ensure that you can provide instructions in a few simple steps. Otherwise, the swag is likely too complicated.

Swag gear is supposed to be fun. It will be the opposite of that if using it is a chore.

3. You Run Out of Swag

Another no-no that can ruin your swag marketing campaign is running out of swag.

When ordering promotional swag, it’s best to accurately assess how much you’ll need. It’s not a good thing to have to deny interested customers simply because your marketing department failed to secure a big-enough supply.

4. Your Swag Isn’t Compelling Enough

If you’re holding a contest and want to encourage as many people as possible to enter, you have to ensure that the swag you’re offering is up to snuff.

Are your customers going to go through the trouble of entering if the payoff is a mouse pad or a pen? Maybe yes or maybe no. You’ll have to determine what swag marketing gifts will be worthwhile to your customers.

Your marketing team should be able to come up with swag that resonates with your target demographic. They can also research for more swag ideas.

5. Your Swag Is of Low Quality

Another mistake you’ll want to avoid is offering low-quality swag. If your swag marketing products look cheap or feel cheap, recipients will know immediately.

If the products fall apart in short order, that will only confirm that the swag marketing products weren’t worth the effort to use in the first place.

That won’t do your business any good because people will associate the shoddy products with your company’s brand or image. Achieving the benefits of swag means focusing on useful, quality products.

Avoid These Common Promotional Swag Mistakes

Your business will want to avoid these common promotional swag mistakes at all costs. Otherwise, you won’t get the benefits you need for your business.

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